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182 Software — Azure Entries

Software — Azure — February 21st, 2024

Microsoft retires Azure IoT Central retirement announcement
And fails to clear up end-of-life debacle
February 21st, 2024Source

Software — Azure — February 19th, 2024

.NET Aspire Preview 3: Expanded Component Support with Azure OpenAI, MySQL, CosmosDB, Kafka and More
Last week, Microsoft revealed the availability of the .NET Aspire - third preview. Preview 3 brings changes including UI improvements to the dashboard, and new component support for Azure OpenAI, Kafka, Oracle, MySQL, CosmosDB & Orleans, and many more.
February 19th, 2024Source

Software — Azure — February 14th, 2024

Leveraging Azure Cloud and Docker for ASP.NET Core Projects: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses
The integration of Azure Cloud and Docker for ASP.NET Core projects offers a compelling blend of efficiency, scalability, and performance.
February 14th, 2024Source

Software — Azure — February 12th, 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS): A Comprehensive Suite of Cloud Services
This article will examine the leading cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their advantages for businesses.
February 12th, 2024Source

Aurora versus RDS: How To Choose the Right AWS Database for 2024
Highlighting key differences, Aurora is cloud-native with serverless support, while RDS offers superior customization and supports more database engines.
February 12th, 2024Source

GCP to AWS Migration: Why and How Does It Benefit Your Business?
Explore why businesses switch from GCP to AWS. Discover strategic benefits like enhanced scalability and surpassing technical concerns.
February 12th, 2024Source

Maximizing Cloud Networking Efficiency
This article offers a comprehensive exploration of AWS Global Accelerator and AWS Direct Connect. AWS Global Accelerator might just be the hero your applications deserve
February 12th, 2024Source

On-Premises Azure Virtual Desktops Have (Finally) GA'ed!
On February 1, 2024, Microsoft announced Azure Stack HCI with Azure Virtual Desktop is GA! Like many others, we have waited years for Microsoft to support on-prem Azure virtual desktops.
February 12th, 2024Source

Striking the Right Balance: Navigating Cloud Repatriation and On-Premises Dynamics
This article proposes a strategic solution that optimally balances the advantages of both cloud and on-premises data centers.
February 12th, 2024Source

TLS 1.3 Preview Now Available in Azure API Management
Azure API Management introduced TLS 1.3

support in the V1 and V2 tiers during the initial week of February 2024. As reported, the rollout will occur progressively across regions. Inbound traffic for both V1 and V2 tiers will inherently support TLS 1.3 for incoming requests from API clients.
February 12th, 2024Source

Software — Azure — February 1st, 2024

Code your infrastructure with Azure Automation
The cloud and automation go hand in hand. Use Azure Automation and runbooks to deploy and manage Azure infrastructure and platform services.
February 1st, 2024Source

How To Pass the Azure Solutions Architect Associate Examination
In this article, we'll guide you through the certification exam, offering tips, resources, and a study plan to help you succeed.
February 1st, 2024Source

Software — Azure — January 26th, 2024

How To Back Up and Restore Azure SQL Databases
An organization needs to back up SQL Azure database records for data protection. Discover how to back up Azure SQL databases efficiently.
January 26, 2024Source

Software — Azure — January 22nd, 2024

Azure AI Studio: A nearly complete toolbox for AI development
Azure AI Studio, while still in preview, checks most of the boxes for a generative AI application builder, with support for prompt engineering, RAG, agent building, and low-code or no-code development.
January 22, 2024Source

Tesco techies and Azure jockeys hit the floor during weekend of outages
Every little helps. Especially testing and talking to customers
January 22, 2024Source

Software — Azure — January 12th, 2024

Arc-Enabled Servers Run Command Public Preview Feature: Remote Management for Various Environments
Microsoft has recently announced a significant preview feature related to Arc-enabled servers, introducing the Run Command. This feature allows customers to manage Azure Arc-enabled servers remotely and securely.
January 12, 2024Source

Software — Azure — January 9th, 2024

Microsoft and PNNL make a better battery, and show AI's potential to supercharge science
Researchers at Microsoft and the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) say they've discovered a way to reduce the lithium content in batteries by as much as 70%, using a process that shows the potential for artificial intelligence to significantly accelerate all sorts of scientific research.
January 9, 2024Source

Microsoft puts Azure Quantum Elements to work
Microsoft today announced that it has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to use its Azure Quantum Elements service to whittle down millions of potential new battery materials to only a few — with one of them now in the prototype stage.
January 9, 2024Source

Software — Azure — January 8th, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide on Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
Transform your development process with Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions. Enhance collaboration, automate workflows, and accelerate software delivery.
January 8, 2024Source

Mastering Scalability and Performance: A Deep Dive Into Azure Load Balancing Options
Efficient and scalable load balancing is pivotal for ensuring optimal performance and high availability. Explore an overview of Azure's load-balancing options.
January 8, 2024Source

Software — Azure — December 22nd, 2023

Microsoft launches private preview of Azure AI Health Bot Copilot for healthcare companies
One of the businesses that could be changed greatly by the use of generative AI in the workplace is the healthcare industry. Microsoft has already been working to provide generative AI services to businesses in that field. In August, the company announced a partnership with healthcare technology company Epic that includes features like note summarization for doctors and more.
December 22, 2023Source

Software — Azure — December 21st, 2023

A first look at Windows AI Studio
Available in an early preview, Microsoft's AI development environment for the desktop lets you build small language models that run on PCs and mobile devices.
December 21, 2023Source

Software — Azure — December 14th, 2023

Confidential computing in Microsoft Azure gets a boost
Hardware-backed confidential computing in Microsoft Azure now includes protected environments for VMs, containers, and GPUs, without the need to write specialized code.
December 14, 2023Source

Not even LinkedIn is that keen on Microsoft's cloud: Shift to Azure abandoned
Software cons reportedly outweighed public-cloud pros
December 14, 2023Source

Software — Azure — December 8th, 2023

Microsoft Open-Sources ThreadX and the Azure RTOS Development Suite
While ThreadX is likely not the best-known OS out there, it is deployed on over 10 billion devices, including Raspberry Pi, Qualcomm-based modems, and others, making it a mature RTOS. The open-sourcing of ThreadX under the MIT license could even bring a cascading effect on other closed-source, proprietary codebases that are used on those devices, for example the Raspberry Pi GPU blob, but this is just a matter of speculation right now.
December 08, 2023Source

Software — Azure — December 6th, 2023

Microsoft says it will use the new AMD Instinct MI300 Series chips for Azure web services
In the race to offer new and improved generative AI services, tech companies need new CPUs to help power the growing number of servers needed to power these functions. NVIDIA has been, without a doubt, the leader in providing these kinds of CPUs to these companies, including Microsoft, and it's been making a ton of money as a result.
December 6, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 30th, 2023

Chaos Engineering Service Azure Chaos Studio Now Generally Available
Two years after entering public preview, reliability experimentation service Azure Chaos Studio is now generally available. Among its most recent features are experiment templates, dynamic targets, load testing faults, and more.
November 30, 2023Source

Maximizing Business Benefits: Building Microservices Architecture in Azure
The Azure platform offers managed services, infrastructure, and end-to-end developer tools that can be used to create microservices applications.
November 30, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 29th, 2023

Partitioned Namespaces for Azure Service Bus Premium Are Now Generally Available
During the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of partitioned namespaces feature for Azure Service Bus, which allows customers to use partitioning

for the premium messaging tier.
November 29, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 24th, 2023

.NET Framework Custom Code for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) is Generally Available
During the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of .NET Framework Custom Code for Azure Logic Apps (standard), which allows developers to extend their low-code solutions with custom code.
November 24, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 23rd, 2023

Microsoft Introduces Azure Integration Environments and Business Process Tracking in Public Preview
Microsoft recently introduced Azure Integration Environments in public preview, a new capability that allows organizations to assemble their resources into logical groupings to manage and monitor their integration resources more effectively.
November 23, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 21st, 2023

Azure Durable Functions: Fan-Out/Fan-In Pattern
This article discusses the "fan-out/fan-in" pattern — a technique used to parallelize and consolidate the execution of multiple tasks.
November 21, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure Confidential VMs Will Roll Out This December
The partnership with Intel allows for hardware-enforced security and confidentiality on 4th Gen Xeon processors.
November 21, 2023Source

Microsoft releases Dev Home Preview 0.7 with new Azure extension and more
Microsoft has just released the latest preview 0.7 version of its Dev Home app which first launched in May 2023 as part of Build 2023. As a reminder, the app allows developers access to a number of different features, including the recently launched Dev Drive, WinGet configuration, and GitHub codespaces together in one place.
November 21, 2023Source

Real-Time Remediation Solutions in Device Management Using Azure IoT Hub
Embrace Azure IOT Hub into Windows services for Duplex communication and command execution. Building an MQTT Broker and scaling in the cloud is resource-heavy.
November 21, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 20th, 2023

Microsoft pushes Azure Government Cloud as homefront defender
All your national security are belong to us!
November 20, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 16th, 2023

CIS Hardened Images Now in Microsoft Azure Marketplace
CIS Hardened Images, which are pre-hardened virtual machine images, allow you to spin up a securely configured, or hardened, virtual instance of many popular operating systems to perform technical tasks without investing in additional hardware and related expenses. Microsoft Azure is a major cloud provider of virtual machine images — and one of four where CIS offers Hardened Images.
November 16, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 15th, 2023

Introduction To Azure Analytics Architecture Advisor
This article goes into the Azure Analytics Architecture Advisor's features, benefits, disadvantages, typical use cases, and best practices.
November 15, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure Is The First Cloud Service To Feature AMD Instinct MI300X, 4th Gen EPYC VMs In Q1 2024
Microsoft and AMD have announced that Azure will be the first cloud provider to make use of the next-gen Instinct MI300X accelerators.
November 15, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure Eagle is a Paradigm Shifting Cloud Supercomputer
This week at SC23, Microsoft Azure's "Eagle" made its debut on the semi-annual Top500 list. Microsoft has a machine that has more HPC compute power than all but two systems on the list. Perhaps the coolest part: you can use it. While traditional HPC clusters are built in places like national labs and access is limited to those who are approved by the institutions that run them, Microsoft's is a cloud solution.
November 15, 2023Source

Microsoft Copilot Announced for Azure
At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft introduced an AI assistant for Azure troubleshooting and more. Azure now hosts NVIDIA generative AI foundation models.
November 15, 2023Source

Microsoft Patches Sensitive Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Azure CLI
Microsoft provided guidance on an Azure CLI bug leading to the exposure of sensitive information through GitHub Actions logs.
November 15, 2023Source

NVIDIA Introduces Generative AI Foundry Service on Microsoft Azure for Enterprises and Startups Worldwide
NVIDIA today introduced an AI foundry service to supercharge the development and tuning of custom generative AI applications for enterprises and startups deploying on Microsoft Azure.
November 15, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 14th, 2023

Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL: Microsoft Entra ID, Secure Connectivity and Scalability Updates
Azure SQL Database Elastic Jobs preview faces a refresh, introducing customer-requested features and additions including Microsoft Entra ID support, Service-managed Private Link for secure connections, Azure Alerts integration for job status monitoring, and enhanced scalability of Job Agent's tier.
November 14, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure: Empowering the Future of Cloud Computing
Discover the impact of Microsoft Azure on modern businesses and the tech environment. Explore key features, benefits, and use cases.
November 14, 2023Source

Microsoft fixes critical Azure CLI flaw that leaked credentials in logs
Microsoft has fixed a critical security vulnerability that could let attackers steal credentials from GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps logs created using Azure CLI (short for Azure command-line interface).
November 14, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 10th, 2023

Azure Synapse Link for Cosmos DB: New Analytics Capabilities
In recent news from the Azure team, Azure Synapse Link introduces a set of new capabilities for Azure Cosmos DB, including its compatibility with existing MongoDB collections, integration with continuous backup, and custom partitioning, empowering users to leverage analytics workloads with ease and efficiency on top of Azure Cosmos DB data.
November 10, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 9th, 2023

Microsoft Introduces New Tiers for Its API Management Service in Azure
Microsoft recently announced the public preview of two new Azure API Management tiers: Basic v2 and Standard v2.
November 9, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 6th, 2023

Microsoft will roll out MFA-enforcing policies for admin portal access
Microsoft will soon start rolling out Conditional Access policies requiring multifactor authentication (MFA) from administrators when signing into Microsoft admin portals such as Microsoft Entra, Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Azure.
November 6, 2023Source

Software — Azure — November 2nd, 2023

Microsoft is overhauling its software security after major Azure cloud attacks
Microsoft is getting ready to use AI and automation to identify security vulnerabilities and respond faster to software flaws.
November 2, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 27th, 2023

Microsoft Azure introduces Radius, an open-source development platform for multi-cloud computing
Microsoft — yes, Microsoft — is introducing a new open-source approach to enable you to run your applications across multiple clouds.
October 27, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 24th, 2023

Hardened Windows Desktop OSes Debut on Azure Marketplace!
For years, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) has partnered with the Microsoft Azure team to help cloud users improve their security. Much of this work has centered around the CIS Hardened Images. These virtual images are pre-hardened to the security recommendations of the industry-leading CIS Benchmarks. They simplify the process of hardening operating systems in many major cloud computing platforms, including the Azure Cloud.
October 24, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 23rd, 2023

'Azure AI Content Safety' Service Targets Developer Online Environments
Microsoft shipped an Azure AI Content Safety service to help AI developers build safer online environments.
October 23, 2023Source

Azure DevOps versus AWS DevOps: Comparing Two Powerhouses in Cloud Development and Operations
Discover the differences between Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps. Learn how our expert consulting services can enhance your software development process.
October 23, 2023Source

Deploying To Azure From Azure DevOps Without Secrets
Optimize Azure deployment using Workload Identity Federation for automated, secure, seamless CI/CD in DevOps without secret credentials.
October 23, 2023Source

Microsoft admits 'power issue' downed Azure services in West Europe
Work ongoing to manually recover some storage nodes
October 23, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 18th, 2023

Cost-Efficient Data Platform in Azure, Harnessing Terraform, Containers, Polars, and Blob Storage
Let's face it: data platforms in the cloud can be enormously expensive if not carefully and consciously designed. The cost tends to be pretty linear with how high up in the tech stack you decide to go.
October 18, 2023Source

Microsoft Offers New Tool for Cleaning Up Azure IT Role Permissions
The tool can also help organizations meet a service deprecation date in 2024.
October 18, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 17th, 2023

Microsoft Playwright Testing: Scalable End-to-End Testing for Modern Web Apps
Microsoft recently announced the public preview of Microsoft Playwright Testing, a new service for running Playwright tests at scale through Azure.
October 17, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 16th, 2023

Microsoft unveils extensions to Fabric, Azure for healthcare AI
These new offerings seek to bring together multiple modalities of medical data for greater analysis, and also bring large language models to clinicians' side as medical copilots.
October 16, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 9th, 2023

Create an Azure-Ready GitHub Repository Using Pulumi
Use Pulumi to generate an Azure-Ready GitHub repo with a pre-configured GitHub Actions workflow with OIDC authentication.
October 9, 2023Source

GitHub Advanced Security Generally Available for Azure DevOps
Microsoft announced the general availability of GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps, allowing users to integrate code, secret, and dependency scanning into their Azure Repos and benefit from the latest updates. Key improvements were made based on user feedback during the public preview, including faster onboarding, simultaneous enabling of multiple repositories, transparent billing information, and enhanced visibility into enabled repo alerts.
October 9, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 5th, 2023

Using Azure Migrate to move on-premises systems to Azure
Microsoft's free cloud migration tools simplify the process of bringing applications and services out of your data center and into the cloud.
October 5, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 3rd, 2023

Build Secure, Scalable, and Accelerated Machine Learning Pipelines
Use Intel® SGX Virtual Machines in Azure Kubernetes* Services (AKS) Deployments
October 3, 2023Source

Microsoft kills classic Azure DaaS, because it isn't really Azure
Users get three-year deprecation and migration warning
October 3, 2023Source

Software — Azure — October 2nd, 2023

Navigating Azure Project Management: A Deep Dive Into Efficient Operations and Deployment
Explore the complexities of Microsoft Azure project management, uncovering key tasks for seamless operations and successful deployment with expert strategies.
October 2, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 28th, 2023

AWS versus Azure versus Google Cloud: Comparing the Top Cloud Providers
This post will compare AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud from different perspectives to help you choose the best cloud provider.
September 28, 2023Source

Microsoft Previews GPT 4 AI Model on Azure OpenAI Service
Microsoft on Tuesday announced a preview of OpenAI's GPT-4 artificial intelligence (AI) model for users of the Azure OpenAI service.
September 28, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 27th, 2023

Microsoft Introduces Public Preview of Socket.IO Support on Azure Web PubSub
Microsoft recently added support for Socket.IO on Azure in public preview, allowing developers to leverage a fully managed cloud solution through Web PubSub for Socket.IO.
September 27, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 26th, 2023

Azure Update Manager as Successor of Update Management Center Now Generally Available
Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Azure Update Manager, known previously as Update Management Center — a SaaS solution to manage and govern software updates to Windows and Linux machines across Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments.
September 26, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 21st, 2023

Send a message with Azure Notification Hubs
Azure Notification Hubs can deliver notifications to any device from any platform anywhere, without your having to manage all aspects of the messaging stack.
September 21, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 20th, 2023

Microsoft's GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is generally available now
Microsoft has announced today that GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is generally available now. The new security features were first announced back in October 2022 and launched its public preview in May. This new service will now allow developers to access features like secret scanning, dependency scanning, and CodeQL code scanning capabilities in their Azure DevOps environment.
September 20, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 18th, 2023

Azure Launches Free Playground for WordPress on App Service
One year after introducing WordPress on Azure App Service, Microsoft has started offering a free hosting tier for developers to explore with WordPress on Azure without incurring any costs (almost).
September 18, 2023Source

Azure SQL Database takes Saturday off on US east coast following network power failure
At least it was the weekend
September 18, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 14th, 2023

Azure HDInsight Flaws Allowed Data Access, Session Hijacking, Payload Delivery
Orca Security details eight XSS vulnerabilities in Azure HDInsight that could lead to information leaks, session hijacking, and payload delivery.
September 14, 2023Source

Larry Ellison makes first-ever visit to Redmond to announce Oracle databases in Microsoft cloud
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison made a rare joint appearance this afternoon to announce the next stage in their partnership, a new service that will let customers run Oracle’s database services on its cloud infrastructure in Microsoft’s Azure data centers.
September 14, 2023Source

Microsoft and Oracle expand partnership to deliver Oracle Database Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure
Oracle Corp and Microsoft Corp today announced Oracle Database@Azure, which gives customers direct access to Oracle database services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and deployed in Microsoft Azure datacenters.
September 14, 2023Source

Microsoft and Oracle joinly announce Oracle Database Azure services
Earlier this week, Microsoft stated it would be making a major joint announcement with Oracle. Today, the announcement was that the two tech giants would be teaming up on a new service, called Oracle Database Azure.
September 14, 2023Source

Oracle brings its database infrastructure to Microsoft Azure
Days after Oracle missed Q1 2023 revenue expectations and gave a downbeat rest-of-year outlook, sending its share price to suffer the worst one-day performance in 21 years, the cloud provider announced a team-up with Microsoft to co-locate a portion of its infrastructure in the Azure cloud.
September 14, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 12th, 2023

Azure Container Apps Workload Profiles, Dedicated Plans, More Networking Features, and Jobs GA
Microsoft recently announced the general availability of several Azure Container App features: workload profiles environment, dedicated plan, additional networking features, and jobs.
September 12, 2023Source

How to run Llama 2 32k on RunPod, AWS or Azure
Anyone interested in being able to create and run private AI large language models might be interested in this quick guide which provides more information on running Llama 2 with a smaller context and achieving the full 32,000 tokens requiring a GPU rental.
September 12, 2023Source or Watch Video

Oracle disappoints market with revenue miss as Ellison hints at Azure database move
Don't expect 'armies of programmers' to rewrite Cerner, says Larry, talking up low-code app dev platform APEX
September 12, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 8th, 2023

Apparently, Microsoft and Azure have made an enemy of the Dutch farming community
Skies aren't always blue for Azure.
September 8, 2023Source

Uphold Linux Systems' Performance & Availability in Azure
Cloud computing carries many benefits for your long as you're able to ensure the performance and availability of your cloud environments.
September 8, 2023Source

Software — Azure — September 5th, 2023

Battle of the Views: ClickHouse Window View versus Live View
ClickHouse Window Views and Live Views are alternatives to query newly arrived data from event streams. In this article, we compare and contrast their usage.
September 5, 2023Source

Intra-Account Collection Copy in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB in Public Preview
Microsoft recently introduced the public preview of Intra-Account Collection Copy for Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB, allowing users to copy collections within the same account — offering enhanced data management and migration capabilities.
September 5, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 31st, 2023

External REST Endpoint Invocation in SQL Azure Now Generally Available
Microsoft recently announced the general availability (GA) of Azure SQL Database External REST Endpoint Integration — an ability to call a REST endpoint natively from Azure SQL Database.
August 31, 2023Source

Launch into satellite applications with Microsoft Azure
Microsoft's Azure Space platform and Azure Orbital Space SDK are taking edge computing to the final frontier, starting with satellite image processing, geospatial, and communications applications.
August 31, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 29th, 2023

The shortcomings of serverless computing
Serverless computing is a popular approach for cloud-based applications, but it's not the best fit in every case. Too often serverless fails to deliver business value.
August 29, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 28th, 2023

Poe's new desktop app lets you use all the AI chatbots in one place
Poe's goal is to be the web browser for accessing AI chatbots, and it just got a bunch of updates.
August 28, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 24th, 2023

Cost-Effective Solution for Infrequent Data Access and Retention with Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier
Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier, an online tier designed explicitly for efficiently storing infrequently accessed or modified data while ensuring immediate availability.
August 24, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 23rd, 2023

Azure Monitoring Agent: Key Features and Benefits
This article will delve into Azure Monitoring Agent's core features and functionalities, and it will explore its benefits for businesses.
August 23, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 14th, 2023

Microsoft Azure Firewall adds new features like Resource Health and more
Microsoft is adding some features to Azure Firewall. They include two features that are now accessible in a public preview and one that is generally available for all users of the Azure cloud security service.
August 14, 2023Source

Mount Sinai moves more Epic workloads to Azure cloud
Microsoft says its Azure Large Instances technology is helping the health system better manage its electronic health records, enabling as many as 50 million database accesses per second.
August 14, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 8th, 2023

Build generative AI applications using Azure and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs
Microsoft Azure users can now leverage the latest NVIDIA accelerated computing technology to train, deploy and build generative AI applications. The Microsoft Azure ND H100 v5 VMs, powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, are now available to customers across the U.S.
August 8, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure AI Adds GPT-4 and New Virtual Machines
Microsoft is working on creating guidelines for red teams making sure generative AI is secure and responsible.
August 8, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure AI text-to-speech adds a male voice and lots more languages
Microsoft Azure has a number of cloud-based services and features for businesses. One of them is Azure AI Text to Speech, which uses machine learning and AI to convert text inputs to lifelike speech. In 2021, Microsoft announced Jenny Multilingual, a female voice that could speak naturally in a number of different languages.
August 8, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 7th, 2023

Monitoring Critical User Journeys in Azure
I work as an SRE for Flowe , an Italian challenger digital bank where the software, rather than physical bank branches, is the main product. Everything is in the mobile app, and professionally speaking, ensuring continued operation of this service is my main concern. Unlike a traditional bank, customers rely on this mobile app as a key point of interaction with our services.
August 7, 2023Source

Microsoft's ND H100 v5 VM is generally available, Azure OpenAI Service is in more regions
In March, Microsoft announced that it was collaborating with NVIDIA to create the Azure ND H100 v5 Virtual Machine (VM) series. Today, Microsoft announced that those new supercomputers are now generally available, offering business access to faster performance for generative AI tasks,
August 7, 2023Source

Simplified Development With Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps streamlines software development by enabling cloud-based collaboration, automation, and real-time cooperation to increase efficiency and foster innovation.
August 7, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 4th, 2023

Azure Provides Excellent HPC Cloud Performance With HBv4 Series Powered By AMD EPYC Genoa-X
The past several weeks at Phoronix has been very exciting with benchmarking AMD EPYC Genoa-X processors (along with Bergamo) and the incredible uplift delivered by these latest AMD server processors
August 4, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 3rd, 2023

Microsoft criticized for security practices, the Azure platform is "worse than you think"
Redmond behaves in a "grossly irresponsible" way when dealing with dangerous vulnerabilities
August 3, 2023Source

Microsoft Switching Windows 11 to the Azure Attestation Service This Month
Microsoft gave public notice this week that boot attestation reporting for Windows 11 clients is getting switched to the Microsoft Azure Attestation service, "starting in mid-August 2023."
August 3, 2023Source

Software — Azure — August 1st, 2023

Over half of Azure and Google Cloud deployments fail CIS benchmarks
Cloud misconfiguration is a critical issue as it amplifies the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. But new research from Qualys shows that many cloud deployments on major platforms are failing Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.
August 1, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 27th, 2023

Microsoft Announces Preview of Azure Application Gateway for Containers
Microsoft recently announced the preview of Azure Application Gateway for Containers — a new application (layer 7) load balancing and dynamic traffic management product for workloads running in a Kubernetes cluster. It extends Azure's Application Load Balancing portfolio and is a new offering under the Application Gateway product family.
July 27, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 21st, 2023

Microsoft Introduces the Public Preview of Vector Search Feature in Azure Cognitive Search
At its annual Inspire conference, Microsoft recently announced the public preview of Vector search in Azure Cognitive Search, a capability for building applications powered by large language models. It is a new capability for indexing, storing, and retrieving vector embeddings from a search index.
July 21, 2023Source

Stolen Microsoft key offered widespread access to Microsoft cloud services
The Microsoft consumer signing key stolen by Storm-0558 Chinese hackers provided them with access far beyond the Exchange Online and accounts that Redmond said were compromised, according to Wiz security researchers.
July 21, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 20th

Microsoft Azure Managed Lustre for HPC and AI Workloads Now Generally Available
Microsoft recently announced the general availability (GA) of Azure Managed Lustre, a managed file system for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads.
July 20, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 19th

Microsoft Azure Cross-Region (Global) Load Balancer Now Generally Available
Microsoft recently announced the general availability (GA) of Azure cross-region (Global) Load Balancer in all Azure public and national cloud regions.
July 19, 2023Source

Microsoft and Meta expand their AI partnership with Llama 2 on Azure and Windows
Meta has open-sourced Llama 2, now available on Windows and Azure.
July 19, 2023Source

VMs with Windows Server Datacenter 2022 on Azure with Desktop Experience: Hotpatching available
Also a short piece of information for administrators who manage virtual machines with Windows Server 2022 Datacenter on Microsoft Azure with Desktop Experience. Microsoft has just announced that hotpatching is now available for these machines.
July 19, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 14th

Azure Brings Vertical Scaling, Monitor Alerts and More for Apache Cassandra Managed Instance
Microsoft has recently released some new features for Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, such as upgrading the Apache Cassandra version to 4.0 GA, Azure Monitor alerts and insights, deallocating cluster resources to improve costs, vertical scaling and more.
July 14, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 11th

Microsoft Dev Box brings cloud-based development to the public
The Azure service had been available as a preview to testers since August of last year.
July 11, 2023Source

Microsoft Entra adds more services; Azure AD to be renamed Microsoft Entra ID
In May 2022, Microsoft announced a new family of products and services called Microsoft Entra. The products, which are under the company's security division, offer online identity and access protection for businesses.
July 11, 2023Source

Microsoft rebrands Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft announced today that it would change the name of its Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enterprise identity service to Microsoft Entra ID by the end of the year.
July 11, 2023Source

Third Generation Data Platforms: A First Look at Microsoft Fabric
Learn about Microsoft Fabric (now in Public Preview): a unified SaaS platform representing the next evolution of data platforms in the Azure cloud.
July 11, 2023Source

Software — Azure — July 7th

Partitioning Historical Data Into Daily Parquet Files in Azure Data Lake Using Azure Data Factory and Azure Notebook
This article explains how to use Azure Data Factory and Azure Notebook to partition historical data into daily Parquet files.
July 7, 2023Source

Azure — Resources — Numbers

12 Ways To Save on Microsoft Azure Costs
Public cloud deployments like Microsoft Azure offer organizations a great way to save on costs while benefiting from the latest technology and furthering your digital transformation journey. Still, despite the public cloud often being more affordable than on-premises infrastructure, costs can add up over time.
March 28, 2023Source

Azure — Resources — A

A Guide to the Quarkus 3 Azure Functions Extension: Bootstrap Java Microservices with Ease
"Why does serverless matter?" This is a common question by IT professionals in many industry events when I present a serverless topic, regardless of which roles they're working for. To answer this question, I'll give you a quick overview of serverless in terms of background, benefits, and technology.
June 2, 2023Source

Azure admins warned to disable shared key access as backdoor attack detailed
The default is that sharing is caring as Redmond admits: 'These permissions could be abused'
April 11, 2023Source

Azure API Management Vulnerabilities Allowed Unauthorized Access
Three vulnerabilities in the Azure API Management service could be exploited for internal asset access, DoS, firewall bypass, and the upload of malicious files.
May 5, 2023Source

Azure Data Box
Azure Data Box is a product offered by Microsoft Azure that helps organizations transfer large amounts of data securely and efficiently to and from Azure.
April 25, 2023Source

Azure Firewall Basic Commercially Released
Microsoft this week announced that Azure Firewall Basic is now at the "general availability" commercial-release stage.
March 17, 2023Source

Azure Monitor's Change Analysis helps you troubleshoot problems quickly
Change management is key to running a mature IT organization. If problems arise, it's important to know what's changed in your environment so you can quickly diagnose failures and troubleshoot issues. A fix might be as simple as backing out the last change, or it might be resolved by understanding the interactions between the services that make your platform.
March 17, 2023Source

Azure Virtual WAN introduces its first SaaS offering
Today we are excited to announce the preview of Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) for Azure, available as a software as a service (SaaS) offering in Azure Virtual WAN. Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN), networking as a service brings networking, security, and routing functionalities together to simplify networking in Azure.
May 2, 2023Source

Azure: Our AI Platform
How Azure is powering the future of AI
April 4, 2023Source

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Boost your data and AI skills with Microsoft Azure CLX
We're excited to announce that the Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) program now has three new Data and AI tracks designed for data professionals.
April 11, 2023Source

Building an Optimized Data Pipeline on Azure Using Spark, Data Factory, Databricks, and Synapse Analytics
This article will explore how Apache Spark, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, and Synapse Analytics can be used together to create an optimized data pipeline in the cloud.
April 11, 2023Source

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ChatGPT comes to Microsoft's enterprise-focused, Azure-powered managed service
ChatGPT, OpenAI's viral, AI-powered chatbot tech, is now available in a more enterprise-friendly package.
March 9, 2023Source or Source or Source or Source

ChatGPT now chatting via Azure OpenAI Service
Developers can now integrate ChatGPT directly, using a token-based pricing system, into a host of different enterprise and end-user applications.
March 10, 2023Source

Check Point CloudGuard secures Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN
Check Point announces its Next-Generation Cloud Firewall natively integrated with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN to provide customers with improved security.
May 19, 2023Source

Choosing the Right Azure Storage Service
In this blog post, we will explore the array of services available within Azure Storage: Blobs, Files, Queues, and Tables, and their use cases
May 5, 2023Source

CISA Ships 'Untitled Goose Tool' to Hunt for Microsoft Azure Cloud Infections
The U.S. government's cybersecurity agency ships a new tool to help network defenders hunt for signs of compromise in Microsoft's Azure and M365 cloud deployments.
March 24, 2023Source

CockroachDB hits Azure at last after five-year mission
The database had to be architected from ground up, former GIMP dev Spencer Kimball tell us
June 9, 2023Source

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Delivering insights at scale by modernizing data
Breaking down data silos can lead to real-time decision-making, enhanced customer experiences, and innovation.
March 28, 2023Source

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Exploring open-source capabilities in Azure AI
Open-source technologies have had a profound impact on the world of AI and machine learning, enabling developers, data scientists, and organizations to collaborate, innovate, and build better AI solutions. As large AI models like GPT-3.5 and DALL-E become more prevalent, organizations are also exploring ways to leverage existing open-source models and tools without needing to put a tremendous amount of effort into building them from scratch.
March 7, 2023Source

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Framework to Load Data From Oracle To Azure
Step-by-step process to create a Python framework to extract and load data from Oracle and load into Azure blob storage and Azure Dedicated pool with a code snippet.
May 2, 2023Source

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GM plans to develop an Azure-powered in-car AI assistant
Chatbot could provide instructional information and schedule car appointments
March 14, 2023Source

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How To Calculate CPU versus RAM Costs For More Accurate K8s Cost Monitoring
This article takes you through the process of separating the cost of CPU and RAM to get more accurate K8s cost monitoring insights and optimize your cloud costs.
March 14, 2023Source

How To Create Microsoft Azure Function App Using Azure Cloud Portal
Make a function app that allows you to organize functions into logical groups for simpler resource management, deployment, and sharing.
March 7, 2023Source

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I Automated Azure DevOps Release Notes Using OpenAI
In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business world, companies are constantly striving to improve their processes and increase efficiency. One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is through automation.
May 2, 2023Source

Identifying Code Vulnerabilities With Azure OpenAI Service
A look at davinci003 model's ability to detect security incidents
March 3, 2023Source

Improve your app security on Azure
Application instance lock, Azure Virtual Network Manager and Network Watcher troubleshooting: tools for making the applications you run on Azure more secure.
June 2, 2023Source

Inside Azure for IT: 3 cloud strategies to navigate market uncertainty
The saying, "the only thing constant is change," is one I can't seem to get out of my head these days, and also seems to resonate with customers I talk to given the dynamic market changes, macroeconomic headwinds, geopolitical tensions, and labor constraints we're all living in currently. That's why for this episode of Inside Azure for IT, we're bringing you three discussions about cloud strategies that can help you not only successfully navigate some of today's uncertainties, but also build agility and increase efficiency while you move ahead.
April 18, 2023Source

Integrating Azure Database for MySQL * Flexible Server with Power Platform and Logic Apps
Microsoft recently announced a new set of integrations with Azure Database for MySQL — Flexible Server and the Microsoft Power Platform and Azure, making it easier to develop solutions for analyzing data, automating processes, and building apps. These new integrations include PowerBI, Logic Apps, PowerApps, and Power Automate.
March 14, 2023Source

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Kubernetes Deployment Using Azure DevOps
Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform that is used to manage and automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
May 9, 2023Source

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Microsoft announces Azure tools to help developers deploy complex environments and secure their apps
At Build 2023, Microsoft revealed how its new Azure tools can save developers time and stress.
May 23, 2023Source

Microsoft announces the general availablity of Azure Deployment Environments for free
As part of Microsoft's Build 2023 developers conference, the company announced the general availability of Azure Deployment Environments. This new Azure service is designed to give developers faster access to their cloud app infrastructure with the use of project-based templates. Best of all, it's free to access at Microsoft's site right now.
May 23, 2023Source

Microsoft announces the GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps public preview
As part of Microsoft's Build 2023 developers conference, the company has announced that it has launched the public preview of GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps. Microsoft first announced that GitHub Advanced Security was coming to Azure DevOps in October 2022, and launched a private preview in November 2022.
May 23, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure Announces New Scalable Generative AI VMs Featuring NVIDIA H100
Microsoft Azure announced their new ND H100 v5 virtual machine which packs Intel's Sapphire Rapids Xeon Scalable processors with NVIDIA's Hopper H100 GPUs, as well as NVIDIA's Quantum-2 CX7 interconnect. Inside each physical machine sits eight H100s--presumably the SXM5 variant packing a whopping 132 SMs and 528 4th generation tensor cores--interconnected by NVLink 4.0 which ties them all together with 3.6 TB/s bisectional bandwidth.
March 14, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure CLX programme adds Data and AI skills courses with certificates
Microsoft has launched three new courses in its Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience (CLX) programme to help data professionals develop new skills. The courses are in Data and AI and are described as personalized, self-paced, and include certificates to show you've completed them.
April 11, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure Launches Cloud-Based Voice Gateway for Operators
Microsoft Azure recently announced the general availability of Azure Communications Gateway. This product lets operators connect their fixed and mobile voice networks to Teams Phone, Microsoft's cloud-based system.
March 7, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure Users Warned of Potential Shared Key Authorization Abuse
Microsoft Azure shared key authorization can be exploited to access business data and achieve remote code execution.
April 11, 2023Source

Microsoft Azure will host two new NVIDIA cloud services; one for AI and one for metaverse
As part of the many, many announcements it made today during its GTC developer and AI conference, NVIDIA revealed a new partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration will see two new NVIDIA cloud-based services hosted by Microsoft Azure.
March 21, 2023Source

Microsoft customers locked out of Azure and M365 services due to geolocation error
Microsoft was forced to apologize on Thursday after implementing a change that saw customers around the globe unable to access its services.
March 24, 2023Source

Microsoft fixes Azure AD auth flaw enabling account takeover
Microsoft has addressed an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication flaw that could allow threat actors to escalate privileges and potentially fully take over the target's account.
June 20, 2023Source

Microsoft fixes Azure BingBang bug that allowed Bing search hijacking and leaked private data
Microsoft has addressed a serious flaw in Azure Active Directory which was dubbed BingBang by the security researchers that discovered it.
March 31, 2023Source or Source

Microsoft injects ChatGPT into 'secure' US government Azure cloud
What could possibly go wrong?
June 8, 2023Source

Microsoft launches GPT-enabled Azure AI for US government agencies
For government customers, Microsoft has developed a new architecture that enables government agencies to securely access the large language models in the commercial environment from Azure Government.
June 8, 2023Source

Microsoft makes a push for AI responsibility and safety through Azure
Azure AI Content Safety is now available in preview, but extra features are also coming for Designer and Bing.
May 23, 2023Source

Microsoft Offers More App Service Plans Choices
Microsoft recently announced two new offerings in the Premium v3 (Pv3) service tier and expansion in the Isolated v2 tier of Azure App Service.
April 20, 2023Source

Microsoft Previews .NET Framework Custom Code for Azure Logic Apps Standard
Microsoft recently introduced .NET Framework Custom Code for Logic Apps Standard in public preview, allowing developers to call compiled .NET Framework code from a built-in action in their workflow.
June 27, 2023Source

Microsoft Previews Azure Active Directory Custom Claims Providers
Microsoft this week announced a preview of custom claims providers for Azure Active Directory users.
March 24, 2023Source

Microsoft Previews Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore Service
Microsoft recently announced the preview of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, a fully-managed MongoDB-compatible database service that provides developers with a familiar architecture for building modern applications with native Azure integrations and a low total cost of ownership.
March 31, 2023Source

Microsoft Previews Hotpatch for Windows Server Virtual Machines with Desktops
Microsoft this week announced that its Hotpatch capability is now available as a preview for users of Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition with the "Desktop Experience" install option, as well as for Azure Stack HCI users.
April 20, 2023Source

Microsoft to showcase purpose-built AI infrastructure at NVIDIA GTC
Join Microsoft at NVIDIA GTC, a free online global technology conference (GTC), March 20 to 23 to learn how organizations of any size can power AI innovation with purpose-built cloud infrastructure from Microsoft.
March 14, 2023Source

Microsoft wants you to build quantum apps in Azure, the cloud that's both up and down
Oh, and pay boatloads for the privilege
March 9, 2023Source

Microsoft's Azure AI Studio lets developers build their own AI 'copilots'
Microsoft wants companies to build their own AI-powered "copilots" — using tools on Azure and machine learning models from its close partner OpenAI, of course.
May 23, 2023Source

Microsoft's Azure portal down following new claims of DDoS attacks
The Microsoft Azure Portal is down on the web as a threat actor known as Anonymous Suda claims to be targeting the site with a DDoS attack.
June 9, 2023Source

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.NET Upgrade Assistant Now Supports Azure Functions Upgrades and .NET 8
Microsoft has released a new version of .NET Upgrade Assistant in Visual Studio, which provides a set of new enhancements and support for different platforms and frameworks. The tool now supports .NET 8, enabling developers to utilize the latest features and improvements of .NET. Also, the new version brings the enhancements like an upgrade for Azure Functions, alongside .NET MAUI, WinUI and support for ARM64.
May 11, 2023Source

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Passwordless Cloud Deployments with GitHub Actions
GitHub's CI/CD service offering, GitHub Actions, now supports the use of Open Identity Connect credentials to authenticate against cloud providers such as HashiCorp Vault, AWS, Azure and GCP without the use of long-lived credentials or passwords.
March 14, 2023Source

Private DNS Zone With Azure HDInsight Kafka
This article presents a comprehensive guide to integrating Azure Private DNS with HDInsight Kafka Cluster.
April 11, 2023Source

Azure — Resources — R

Researchers Flag Account Takeover Flaw in Microsoft Azure AD OAuth Apps
Businesses using 'Log in with Microsoft' could be exposed to privilege escalation and full account takeover exploits.
June 20, 2023Source

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Seamless Integration of Azure Functions With SQL Server: A Developer's Perspective
Explore this article that provides a practical guide to integrating Azure Functions with SQL Server using C#.
March 17, 2023Source

Secure your cloud environment with Cloud Next-Generation Firewall by Palo Alto Networks, an Azure Native ISV Service--now in preview
To support our customers in accelerating their digital transformation journey and protecting their cloud environment against threats, Microsoft is committed to giving customers the best possible options for securing their applications.
May 2, 2023Source

Severe Azure Vulnerability Led to Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution
A high-severity vulnerability in Azure Service Fabric Explorer could have allowed a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code.
March 31, 2023Source

Should you migrate from Azure AD Connect to Cloud Sync?
Cloud Sync will eventually replace Azure AD Connect for using your on-prem Active Directory with the cloud. Here's what you need to know to plan for that.
June 2, 2023Source

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is Out Now
The long-awaited conclusion to the Crossbell arc features the return of the Special Support Section and ties into the Cold Steel series.
March 14, 2023Source

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Utilizing Apache Spark for Azure Network Security Group Management
Implementing robust access control measures, such as network security groups (NSGs), is essential to ensure network security.
June 8, 2023Source

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VIsovalent Cilium Enterprise in Azure Marketplace
In December 2022, Microsoft and Isovalent announced the collaboration to bring the Isovalent Cilium Enterprise offering onto Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) via Azure Marketplace. Today, we are happy to announce that Isovalent Cilium Enterprise offering is now available on the Azure Marketplace.
April 18, 2023Source

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Which Is Better for IoT: Azure RTOS or FreeRTOS?
IoT needs speed, reliability, and energy efficiency that isn't guaranteed in a desktop environment. Let's look at how to choose the right real-time operating system.
May 19, 2023Source

Why an Air Force colonel — and many other experts — are so worried about the existential risk of AI
Fears about our ability to control powerful AI are growing.
June 2, 2023Source

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Zerto 10 for Microsoft Azure delivers disaster recovery (DR) and mobility at scale
Zerto has announced the launch of Zerto 10 for Microsoft Azure, delivering enhanced disaster recovery (DR) and mobility for complete infrastructure flexibility. Zerto 10 delivers a new replication architecture for scale-out efficiency and native protection of Azure Virtual Machines (VMs).
May 19, 2023Source

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