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102 Software — Database Entries

Software — Database — February 21st, 2024

Can MariaDB’s enterprise business be saved?
Poor financial health has taken a heavy toll on MariaDB PLC and shaken its customer base. An acquisition might not be enough to reverse the damage, experts said.
February 21st, 2024Source

How Slow Is Database I/O?
Perform a field test to find out the performances of retrieving data from Oracle and MySQL and compare them with the performance of retrieving data from the text file.
February 21st, 2024Source

Software — Database — February 19th, 2024

Building a REST Application With Oracle NoSQL Using Helidon
Dive into effortlessly creating a RESTful API with Java using Helidon and Oracle NoSQL in a straightforward manner, perfect for beginners.
February 19th, 2024Source

Recover Distributed Transactions in MySQL
How to identify and troubleshoot distributed (XA) transactions stuck in the prepared state in MySQL using XA recover, XA commit, and XA rollback commands.
February 19th, 2024Source

Rethinking Domain Driven Design: Beyond Tactical Patterns
The mainstream thought on Domain Driven Design is focused on its tactical patterns. Unfortunately, all those discussions are a disservice to the software community.
February 19th, 2024Source

Struggling database company MariaDB could be taken private in $37M deal
The 'non-binding' proposal comes 14 months after MariaDB went public via SPAC
February 19th, 2024Source

Software — Database — February 12th, 2024

Achieving Inheritance in NoSQL Databases With Java Using Eclipse JNoSQL
Explore Eclipse JNoSQL and MongoDB to streamline NoSQL database interactions in Java applications, making it easier to manage and manipulate diverse data sets.
February 12th, 2024Source

The Top 5 Apollo Alternatives for 2024
Explore the best database alternatives to for effective B2B prospecting and lead generation.
February 12th, 2024Source

Software — Database — February 7th, 2024

Enhancing Database Efficiency With MySQL Views: A Comprehensive Guide and Examples
This blog delves into the practical use of views in MySQL, offering insights and code examples to leverage this feature effectively.
February 7th, 2024Source

Software — Database — February 5th, 2024

Why developers should put the database first
Data is the heart of the user experience, so shouldn't developers start there? SQLite, NoSQL databases, and abstractions like Neurelo make that far easier to do.
February 5th, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 31st, 2024

Neurelo is building a simpler way for developers to connect a database to an application
Data has always been at the heart of every program, and even more so these days as data feeds machine learning and large language models, but connecting to those databases has been a constant struggle for developers.
January 31, 2024Source

Zilliz Cloud boosts vector database performance
The vector database cloud service may attract developers with performance and cost advantages over traditional databases for AI-related workloads, analysts say.
January 31, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 29th, 2024

Architecture Style: Modulith (vs. Microservices)
Use Modulith architecture to split your monolith into manageable pieces while maintaining their cohesion and unlocking your app's potential.
January 29, 2024Source

CockroachDB tempts legacy databases to crawl into the cloud age
Distributed system makes a grab for Oracle, Db2 features
January 29, 2024Source

Optimizing Data Management: Migrating From AWS RDS MySQL to Snowflake
If you're seeking a modern, innovative, and scalable approach to managing your data operations, AWS RDS just might be the solution you've been searching for.
January 29, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 26th, 2024

How To Back Up and Restore Azure SQL Databases
An organization needs to back up SQL Azure database records for data protection. Discover how to back up Azure SQL databases efficiently.
January 26, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 22nd, 2024

Instant Integrations With API and Logic Automation
Automate API creation using one command. Self-serve and ready for ad hoc integrations. Use rule-based logic for custom integrations, 40x more concise than code.
January 22, 2024Source

Using Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) Search With SingleStoreDB
In this article, we'll evaluate ANN Index Search with the new VECTOR data type using the Fashion MNIST dataset from Zalando.
January 22, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 19th, 2024

Database Security: Best Practices and What You Need to Know
In this article, gain an understanding as to how implementing database security best practices is not just a technical necessity but a business imperative.
January 19, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 15th, 2024

SQL Data Storytelling: A Comprehensive Guide
Data storytelling involves presenting complex data concisely, visually, and analytically to communicate business insights. SQL is pivotal for data storytelling.
January 15, 2024Source

Software — Database — January 11th, 2024

Effortlessly Transform CSV Into a REST API Within Minutes
TiDB Serverless is a fully managed, autoscaling Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution built on TiDB, an advanced open-source, distributed SQL database.
January 11, 2024Source

Restoring the MS SQL Server Database in Easy Steps
Explore methods to restore the Microsoft SQL Server Database in easy steps. Get the best solutions for restoring the MS SQL Server Database.
January 11, 2024Source

Using Schema Types To Create SQL Queries in Java
In this article, discover more about how schema types can simplify and streamline JDBC query construction in Java with examples.
January 11, 2024Source

Software — Database — December 27th, 2023

How To Select the Right Vector Database for Your Enterprise GENERATIVE-AI Stack
We will explore the framework for choosing the correct Vector Database in an enterprise for building a GENERATIVE AI-based application.
December 27, 2023Source

Software — Database — December 19th, 2023

IBM App Connect Enterprise Change Data Capture With PostgreSQL
This tutorial serves as a guide on how to capture data changes from a PostgreSQL database and write that data into an external text file using IBM's ACE Toolkit.
December 19, 2023Source

Software — Database — December 18th, 2023

MongoDB investigating security incident that exposed data about customer accounts
Database management giant MongoDB says it's investigating a security incident that has resulted in the exposure of some information about customers.
December 18, 2023Source

Software — Database — December 14th, 2023

10 Websites to Learn Database and SQL in Depth
These are the best places to learn SQL and databases online for FREE for programmers and developers.
December 14, 2023Source

Software — Database — December 5th, 2023

Don't make Apache Kafka be your database
Event-driven architectures are wonderful. But Kafka was never intended to be a database, and using it as a database won't solve your problem.
December 5, 2023Source

Software — Database — December 1st, 2023

Key new features and innovations in EDB Postgres 16
Postgres is the elephant of relational database management systems. And Postgres 16 is the biggest elephant of them all.
December 1, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 30th, 2023

Accelerating Insights With Couchbase Columnar
Insights come from observing and analyzing data from all sources. Couchbase Columnar helps quickly analyze data from a variety of data sources with zero-ETL.
November 30, 2023Source

Build a Philosophy Quote Generator With Vector Search and Astra DB (Part 3)
In the final installment of this series, complete the quote generator application by using an LLM to generate philosophical quotes.
November 30, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 29th, 2023

Demystifying Databases, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and Data Lake Houses
Databases for transactions, data warehouses for analytics, and data lakes and lake houses for analytics with flexibility and scalability.
November 29, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 28th, 2023

Distributed Systems: CAP Theorem
In this article, we will learn about the CAP theorem from a distributed system perspective using a simple database analogy.
November 28, 2023Source

How Apache Arrow accelerates InfluxDB
The Apache Arrow in-memory columnar format has become a critical component of many analytical database systems and tools. It brings a number of advantages to InfluxDB.
November 28, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 27th, 2023

How To Set up a Push Notification Service in 30 Minutes or Less
A new open-source push notification microservice offers a fast, easy setup, utilizing AWS CDK and serverless technology for scalable, reliable push notifications.
November 27, 2023Source

Program To Force Copy SAP Bex Queries
This article aims to demonstrate how you can force copy Bex query designer queries from one Infoprovider to another, which have different structures.
November 27, 2023Source

Speed Trino Queries With These Performance-Tuning Tips
In this article, we will discuss how data engineers and data infrastructure engineers can make Trino a widely used query engine that's faster and more efficient.
November 27, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 23rd, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes StatefulSets With a MongoDB Example
Explore managing stateful applications with Kubernetes StatefulSets — when to use them, how to deploy MongoDB, limitations, and best practices for implementation.
November 23, 2023Source

Programming — Java — November 22nd, 2023

Elevating React Development: Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT for React Developers
In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the myriad use cases where ChatGPT can empower React developers, providing valuable insights.
November 22, 2023Source

What’s New Between Java 17 and Java 21?
In this blog, some of the changes between Java 17 and Java 21 are highlighted, mainly by means of examples. Take a look at the changes since the last LTS release.
November 22, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 10th, 2023

The Overlooked Strategy for Data Management: Bridging NoSQL and Traditional Databases
Explore how integrating NoSQL with traditional databases enhances data strategy for better scalability and real-time analytics.
November 10, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 7th, 2023

ProClarity Expands Beyond SQL Server Data Sources
EII technology lets ProClarity use data from many more sources
November 7, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 6th, 2023

Vector databases in LLMs and search
Vector databases and search aren't new, but vectorization is essential for generative AI and working with LLMs. Here's what you need to know.
November 6, 2023Source

Software — Database — November 2nd, 2023

Snowflake puts LLMs in the hands of SQL and Python coders
As more features come to Data Cloud, customers might want to keep an eye on consumption
November 2, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 31st, 2023

Maintaining Database Connectivity in Serverless Infrastructure With TiProxy
Explore how TiDB Serverless leverages TiProxy to address challenges in maintaining database connectivity during scaling and upgrades.
October 31, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 30th, 2023

Data Transfer From SQL Server to Excel
This article explains how to use the SSIS tool provided by MSSQL developers to transfer data from any table in our database to a custom-designed Excel file.
October 30, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 19th, 2023

Stream Processing: Is SQL Good Enough?
SQL's expressiveness might be limited compared to Java, yet SQL-centric data systems manage to generate more revenue. Why is that?
October 19, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 16th, 2023

A Deep Dive Into the Call Chain Relationship Between Presto, Hive, and Alluxio
Understanding how Presto+Hive+Alluxio work together and the flow from SQL query to low-level file system operations is key to tuning performance.
October 16, 2023Source

Unlocking Efficient AuthZ With Cerbos' Query Plan
Cerbos efficiently handles the majority of access control decisions for standard application requirements. Its query plan handles the most challenging cases.
October 16, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 13th, 2023

Auto-Synchronization of a Whole MySQL Database for Data Analysis
Learn how to automatically ingest and update MySQL or Oracle database into an OLAP engine, and say goodbye to tedious manual configuration.
October 13, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 12th, 2023

How To Fix SQL Database Restore Failed, Database Is in Use
This article talks about the "Restore of database failed, Database is in use" and solutions to resolve this error and resolve it through third-party software.
October 12, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 11th, 2023

Chat With the Oracle DB
Learn how to leverage OpenAI models to query the Oracle DB, building a Text-to-SQL tool and testing it on a public dataset.
October 11, 2023Source

Database in Fintech: How To Support 10,000 Dashboards Without Causing a Mess
This article introduces the lifecycle of financial metrics in a database, from how they're produced to how they're efficiently presented in data reports.
October 11, 2023Source

Google turns up the heat on AWS, claims Cloud Spanner is half the cost of DynamoDB
Google's Cloud Spanner is now half the cost of Amazon's DynamoDB "for most workloads," Google says. And Google doesn't want you to forget it.
October 11, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 6th, 2023

Loading Vector Data Into Cassandra in Parallel Using Ray
DEMO: Delve into the nuances of combining the prowess of DataStax Astra with the power of Ray, which is a companion to this demo on GitHub.
October 6, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 5th, 2023

Containerizing MySQL With Docker and DbVisualizer
Learn how to containerize a database with Docker and DbVisualizer to simplify your deployment process.
October 5, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 3rd, 2023

Eclipse JNoSQL 1.0.2: Empowering Java With NoSQL Database Flexibility
Explore Java-NoSQL integration with Eclipse JNoSQL and Quarkus, and learn how to make the most of NoSQL databases within Java-based projects.
October 3, 2023Source

Software — Database — October 2nd, 2023

A Guide To Multithreading in SQL
Waiting for SQL queries to finish running can be frustrating. Multithreading can improve performance and efficiency.
October 2, 2023Source

Migrating From ClickHouse to Apache Doris: What Happened?
Explore this migration process from ClickHouse to Apache Doris to figure out if it is the right move for you and your data.
October 2, 2023Source

Preventing SQL Injection Attacks With DbVisualizer
In this blog, we walk you through how to protect your databases from malicious attacks and tell you how DbVisualizer can help in the security space.
October 2, 2023Source

The Power of NoSQL Databases: Exploring Polyglot Persistence [Video]
Embark on an exciting journey into NoSQL databases, unlocking their potential and understanding how they coexist with traditional relational databases.
October 2, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 26th, 2023

Auto-Scaling DynamoDB Streams Applications on Kubernetes
Use KEDA and DynamoDB Streams and combine two powerful techniques to build scalable, event-driven systems that can adapt based on the needs of your application.
September 26, 2023Source

Automating Database Operations With Ansible and DbVisualizer
We will cover the installation and configuration of Ansible and DbVisualizer and demonstrate how to automate common database operations using Ansible playbooks.
September 26, 2023Source

Database Monitoring: Key Metrics and Considerations
Database monitoring is as crucial as databases themselves. How good is your data if you can't guarantee its availability and accuracy?
September 26, 2023Source

Is a serverless database right for your workload?
The serverless database model can be a great solution for unpredictable workloads and a number of other scenarios. Just don't view it as the end all be all.
September 26, 2023Source

Reflections From a DBA
In this article, take a deep dive into clouds and discuss their optimal suitability based on different types of organizational or individual needs.
September 26, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 25th, 2023

An Approach to Process Skewed Dataset in High Volume Distributed Data Processing
This article explains an approach to processing skewed datasets by identifying the skewed portion of the dataset and solving it using an efficient and optimal approach.
September 25, 2023Source

Designing Databases for Distributed Systems
Several data management patterns have emerged for microservices and cloud-native solutions. Learn important patterns to manage data in a distributed environment.
September 25, 2023Source

High Performance Functions in Rust on RDS PostgreSQL
AWS announced the general availability of the Rust procedural language handler, PL/Rust, for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances running versions 13 and 14 of PostgreSQL. This builds on the previous release in May 2023 that enabled the functionality only for instances running PostgreSQL version 15.
September 25, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 19th, 2023

Tabular's Iceberg vision goes from Netflix and chill to database thrill
Promise of neutral data layer between vendors' vested interests attracts $26M
September 19, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 18th, 2023

CERN swaps out databases to feed its petabyte-a-day habit
Run 3 reboot provoked challenges for Europe's particle-smashing project
September 18, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 15th, 2023

Apache Flink
This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to use Astra as a sink for results computed by Apache Flink, an open-source framework.
September 15, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 14th, 2023

4 key new features in PostgreSQL 16
Postgres 16 highlights include updates around privilege administration, logical replication, performance improvements, and comprehensive monitoring features. Here is a breakdown.
September 14, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 11th, 2023

Teradata adds generative AI assistant to VantageCloud Lake
Enterprises will be able to use the natural language assistant to ask questions about their data from within Teradata’s multicloud analytics platform.
September 11, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 5th, 2023

A NoSQL Database: MongoDB
MongoDB is a NoSQL database that stores the data in the form of key-value pairs. It is an open-source document database that provides high performance and scalability.
September 5, 2023Source

Intra-Account Collection Copy in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB in Public Preview
Microsoft recently introduced the public preview of Intra-Account Collection Copy for Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB, allowing users to copy collections within the same account — offering enhanced data management and migration capabilities.
September 5, 2023Source

Software — Database — September 1st, 2023

DynamoDB, Expressions, and Go
Using single-table design principles and AWS SDK for Go to create efficient and maintainable code to work with AWS DynamoDB
September 1, 2023Source

Emitting Protocol Buffers Using CockroachDB CDC Queries
Follow this demonstration using several recent features to demonstrate the ability to serialize CockroachDB rows to proto and emit via CDC Queries.
September 1, 2023Source

How To Build an AI/ML Feature Store With ScyllaDB NoSQL
In this article, delve into the fundamentals of AI/ML feature stores and explore how to get started with your own using ScyllaDB NoSQL.
September 1, 2023Source

Janus versus MediaSoup: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your WebRTC Server
When building real-time multimedia applications, the choice of server technology is pivotal. Two big players in this space are Janus and MediaSoup.
September 1, 2023Source

Software — Database — August 30th, 2023

Google Database Migration Service Review (Updated for 2023)
Google Database Migration Service is a service that supports users who want to migrate data into Google Cloud. Explore its features, pricing, and more to determine if it's your ideal DMS.
August 30, 2023Source

Software — Database — August 24th, 2023

SQLite 3.43 Released With Up To 2x Performance For JSON Processing
SQLite 3.43 is out today as the newest version of this popular open-source embedded SQL database library that is widely used by countless applications and other software for a variety of data storage purposes.
August 24, 2023Source

Software — Database — August 16th, 2023

Exploring Seamless Integration: Jakarta Data and Jakarta Persistence in Jakarta EE 11 With Open Liberty
Dive into Jakarta Data and Jakarta Persistence integration, streamlining SQL database handling in Jakarta EE 11 with Open Liberty and PostgreSQL.
August 16, 2023Source

Software — Database — August 15th, 2023

What SQL users should know about time series data
Four key considerations to keep in mind when you need a database designed for analytical queries of vast quantities of time series data.
August 15, 2023Source

Software — Database — August 14th, 2023

How I Migrated a 3 TB PostgreSQL Transactional Database
In the fast-paced startup world, it's not uncommon for small developer teams to handle an entire project. I experienced this firsthand as a full stack developer at a transport consultant, where I became the sole caretaker of a critical project. With my team members having moved on to other ventures, the responsibility to tackle the project's challenges fell squarely on my shoulders.
August 14, 2023Source

Software — Database — August 1st, 2023

Neon, a relational database startup, lands $46M investment
Neon, a startup that's building a serverless open source alternative to AWS Aurora Postgres, today announced that it raised around $46 million in a new funding round, about $30 million of which came from Menlo VC.
August 1, 2023Source

Software — Database — July 28th, 2023

Kubernetes Evolution: Transitioning from etcd to Distributed SQL
This tutorial explores how to replace etcd in Kubernetes with a distributed SQL database using Kine.
July 28, 2023Source

Software — Database — July 27th, 2023

Mixing SQL and NoSQL With MariaDB and MongoDB
This article explores the compatibility of MariaDB and MongoDB for combining SQL and NoSQL databases.
July 27, 2023Source

Software — Database — July 25th, 2023

Navigate Serverless Databases: A Guide to the Right Solution
Explore key considerations when choosing a serverless database. This article compares popular databases to help you make an informed decision.
July 25, 2023Source

Software — Database — July 20th, 2023

What Is GraphQL?
GraphQL is a query language for APIs that enables clients to request precisely the data they need, avoiding over-fetching and under-fetching.
July 20, 2023Source

Software — DataBase — Resources

A practical comparison of Map-Reduce in MongoDB and RavenDB
Over the past week I've been learning about MongoDB. in my adventures with Node.js I am now at the point where I need some kind of data store.
Provides InformationSource

Access database repair
Access database repair tool for the recovery of corrupt databases in Microsoft Access 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It recovers all data from a corrupt mdb, mde, accdb or accde database even in the hardest cases.
Provides a ServiceSource

Argentum Software
Argentum Corporation — Cataloging Software, Backup Software, Database Software.
Provides ProductsSource

Convert MySQL to MSSQL
MS Access to MySQL converter tool safely converts the database tables or records with password protected records.
Provides ProductsSource

Database DebunkIing
Site dedicated to dispelling fallacies and misconceptions prevailing in the database industry.
Provides InformationSource

Database Normalization and Table structures
Normalisation is the term used to describe how you break a file down into tables to create a database. There are 3 or 4 major steps involved known as 1NF (First Normal Form), 2NF (Second Normal Form), 3NF (Third Normal Form) and BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal Form).
Provides InformationSource

Database Research at Waterloo
Research areas include traditional relational database systems, complex objects, geometric data, text, and real-time data.
Provides InformationSource

David Consulting Group
DCG services include software metrics, software process improvement and outsourcing.
Provides InformationSource is proficient in providing syndicated research report, customized research reports, company profiles and industry databases across multiple domains.
Provides ProductsSource

Erlangen University Department of Database Systems
Research projects include data warehousing, scientific database management, workflow management, and distributed data.
Provides ProductsSource

An open-source distributed time series database with no external dependencies.
Provides ProductsSource

MySQL in Docker with Java Hibernate
Recently, I started working on a new server project at work, and wanted to be able to run a local dev environment with Docker. this has become my normal flow for a couple of server projects because of how easy Docker is to work with, and especially for the fact that I don't need to set up any of the supporting structure on my machine to run the server.
Provides InformationSource

technical solution for you
Provides InformationSource

Temporal Database Concepts
Defines a wide range of terms and concepts specific to the temporal database research community.
Provides InformationSource

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