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36 Software — Legal Entries

Software — Legal — February 7th, 2024

Judge rules against users suing Apple, Google over 'annoying, distorted' search results
A California judge has dismissed a lawsuit from 26 Google users who claimed that Google's default search agreement with Apple violates antitrust law and created an "annoying and damaging distortion" of search results.
February 7th, 2024Source

Software — Legal — January 24th, 2024

Court rules in favor of a web scraper, Bright Data, which Meta had used and then sued
Meta has lost a claim in its legal battle with an Israeli tech firm Bright Data, which it sued last year for scraping data from Facebook and Instagram via the web.
January 24, 2024Source

Software — Legal — January 16th, 2024

Supreme Court declines appeals from Apple and Epic Games in App Store case
The Ninth Circuit’s previous decision will stand.
January 16, 2024Source

Supreme Court denies Epic v. Apple petitions, opening up iOS payment options
Most of Epic's arguments are moot now, but one point will change the App Store.
January 16, 2024Source

Take-Two’s lawyers think Remedy’s new R logo is too similar to Rockstar’s R logo
The publisher filed a dispute last year with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office.
January 16, 2024Source

Software — Legal — January 11th, 2024

US judge blocks Ohio Republicans' "troublingly vague" social media law
Judge calls law "breathtakingly blunt instrument" for reducing harm to children.
January 11, 2024Source

Software — Legal — December 28th, 2023

The billion-dollar Google Chrome Incognito mode lawsuit could reach a conclusion soon
In 2020, Google found itself facing a billion-dollar lawsuit on the allegations of gathering user data while browsing in Incognito mode.
December 28, 2023Source

Software — Legal — December 26th, 2023, 2023

Nonprofit sues Byju's unit WhiteHat Jr over payment dues, the U.S. educational nonprofit, has filed a lawsuit in a California district court alleging that Byju's subsidiary WhiteHat Jr breached a licensing contract by failing to pay fees while continuing to use's platform.
December 26, 2023Source

Software — Legal — December 22nd, 2023

Authors & Copyright Scholars Back 'Internet Archive' in Landmark Legal Battle
A copyright lawsuit filed by several major publishers puts the future of the Internet Archive's scan-and-lend library at risk. In a recent appeal, the non-profit organization argued that its solution is protected fair use and critical to preserving digital books. This position is shared by copyright scholars, the Authors Alliance, and other supporters now backing IA in court.
December 22, 2023Source

Software — Legal — December 14th, 2023

FTC investigating Adobe over making it too hard to cancel subscriptions
The FTC is investigating Adobe, after widespread consumer complaints that the company makes it too hard to cancel app subscriptions.
December 14, 2023Source

Software — Legal — December 4th, 2023

A federal judge wants to investigate Google over deleted internal chats
If you dream of running a big tech behemoth, that's fine -- just don't forget that you'll be a regular in the courthouse. That being said, now's the time to talk about Google's latest encounter with the judiciary.
December 4, 2023Source

Software — Legal — November 15th, 2023

Meta calls for legislation to require parental approval for teens' app downloads
Social media companies are set to face lawsuits accusing them of fostering teen addiction.
November 15, 2023Source

Software — Legal — November 6th, 2023

Congress Shouldn't Limit The Public's Right To Fight Bad Patents
The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Intellectual Property will debate a bill this week that would dramatically limit the public's right to challenge bad granted patents. The PREVAIL Act, S. 2220 would bar most people from petitioning the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to revoke patents that never should have been granted in the first place.
November 6, 2023Source

Software — Legal — October 12th, 2023

Google promises to take the legal heat in users' AI copyright lawsuits
The company says it will take responsibility for its training data and the output of its foundation models.
October 12, 2023Source

Software — Legal — October 11th, 2023

Google US antitrust trial: A timeline
The biggest antitrust trial of the century has kicked off, targeting Google's search business, and a second trial against the tech giant, focusing on advertising, is scheduled for next year. Here's an updated, play-by-play account of major milestones.
October 11, 2023Source

Software — Legal — October 5th, 2023

Microsoft and Amazon face a UK antitrust probe over cloud services
Officials are concerned that it's too difficult for customers to switch to another provider.
October 5, 2023Source

Software — Legal — October 3rd, 2023

Elon Musk's X faces trademark lawsuit from marketing agency
Last year, Elon Musk acquired Twitter, and since then, the social media platform has undergone significant changes, the most notable being its rebranding to X. The iconic bluebird has made way for the letter X, but it seems this rebranding might lead the company into legal trouble.
October 3, 2023Source

What Google's trial means for the company — and your web browsing
Which search engine do you use, and why is it Google? A judge will soon decide.
October 3, 2023Source

Software — Legal — October 2nd, 2023

The antitrust suit against Google isn't the DOJ-Microsoft fight redux
While Google dominates in internet search, it's not the tech behemoth Microsoft was in the 1990s when it was sued by the Department of Justice.
October 2, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 27th, 2023

Google loses battle to control how DOJ antitrust trial docs are shared online
Google antitrust trial docs can be shared online, judge ruled.
September 27, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 26th, 2023

Apple defends Google Search deal in court: 'There wasn't a valid alternative'
Is it too hard to find your Safari settings on the iPhone? Does Google deserve to be the default, or does it just pay to be? Eddy Cue was asked all that and more.
September 26, 2023Source

Apple exec defends the decision to make Google its default search engine on iPhones and Macs
A top Apple executive defended the tech giant's decision to make Google the default search engine on Apple iPhones and Macs, saying there was no "valid alternative.''
September 26, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 25th, 2023

A Supreme Court case about hotel websites could blow up much of US civil rights law
The Supreme Court hears a civil rights case straight out of a right-wing fever dream.
September 25, 2023Source

Supreme Court considers limits on White House contacts with social media
Controversial injunction stayed until Wednesday while SCOTUS mulls US motion.
September 25, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 22nd, 2023

Law geeks shine a light on secretive Google antitrust trial
With no audio or video, a handful of activists try to ensure world knows what's happening.
September 22, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 21st, 2023

Judge "in a pickle" after Google demands DOJ stop sharing public trial exhibits
Google continues fight to block public access to key facts in monopoly trial.
September 21, 2023Source

This Bill Would Revive The Worst Patents On Software--And Human Genes
The majority of high-tech patent lawsuits are brought by patent trolls--companies that exist not to provide products or services, but primarily have a business using patents to threaten others' work.
September 21, 2023Source

Top Indian actor wins landmark case against AI
Anil Kapoor's name, image, and voice are now legally protected against misuse, such as deepfakes.
September 21, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 19th, 2023

Four Ways for Developers To Limit Liability as Software Liability Laws Seem Poised for Change
After years of software security liability remaining an open question, changes to the law could be on the way. Here's how to prepare for them in case they come.
September 19, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 14th, 2023

Google hid evidence by training workers to avoid words monopolists use, DOJ says
"We don't 'lock up'... our customers," and "we do not 'leverage' anything."
September 14, 2023Source

EU said to be proceeding with Microsoft Teams antitrust investigation
Two weeks after Microsoft announced it would start unbundling Teams from Microsoft and Office 365 in an attempt to avoid an EU antitrust investigation, the proposal has reportedly not done enough to satisfy regulators.
September 14, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 13th, 2023

US Department of Justice claims Google bought its way to web search dominance
We're just better, says Big G
September 13, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 12th, 2023

Judge in US v. Google trial didn't know if Firefox is a browser or search engine
Google accused DOJ of aiming to force people to use "inferior" search products.
September 12, 2023Source

Software — Legal — September 11th, 2023

Internet Archive appeals loss in library ebook lawsuit
'This won't be easy, but it's a necessary fight.'
September 11, 2023Source

Software — Legal — August 9th, 2023

Meta faces new legal hurdles in Europe: Norway imposes $97,700 daily fine
Social media platforms have faced issues with European laws many times, particularly regarding data privacy and tracking. Recently, TikTok had to change its privacy rules to match the new Digital Service Act (DSA). Some time ago, Meta got hit with a $423 million fine from Ireland's Data Protection Commission, which made the tech company allow EU users to turn off ad tracking (at least on paper.)
August 9, 2023Source

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Apple To Keep Charging 30% App Store Fee, For Now
Epic's antitrust allegations over Apple's App Store regulations reaches a critical point in the process towards a Supreme Court verdict.
August 9, 2023Source

Software — Legal — August 1st, 2023

Elon Musk's X Makes Good On Its Threat, Sues Nonprofit Over Hate Speech Allegations
For years the nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has researched and reported on hate speech and misinformation online to stop its spread among social media sites such as X, formerly known as Twitter.
August 1, 2023Source or Source

Software — Legal — July 28th, 2023

Government Needs Both the Ability to Talk to Social Media Platforms and Clear Limits, EFF Argues in Brief to Appellate Court
EFF Filed Its Missouri v. Biden Amicus Brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
July 28, 2023Source

Oracle copyright battle: Rimini Street ordered to correct 'false' statements
Both support biz and vendor claim victories in latest chapter in 13-year legal saga
July 28, 2023Source

The anatomy of a patent litigation target
No company's immune from trolls, but some are more attractive than others
July 28, 2023Source

Software — Legal — July 7th

Critical Legal Question: Did Meta Hire Former Twitter Employees With the Explicit Intent To Create the Threads Clone?
Mark Zuckerberg just did what he usually excels at doing: ripping off Twitter's ethos to create the copycat Threads app. Instagram's rise and Snapchat's stagnation is another stellar example of this Machiavellian modus operandi.
July 7, 2023Source

Software — Legal — April 28, 2023

Apple forced to disclose iOS App Store has 101 million users in Europe under new EU law
The filings also reveal there are fewer than a million watchOS App Store users in the region.
April 28, 2023Source

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