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Software — Office — February 21st, 2024

The Google One AI Premium plan now adds Gemini Advanced access for Gmail, Docs and more
A few weeks ago, Google revealed Gemini Advanced, a new generative AI model that was available via a new Google One subscription called Google One AI Premium. It costs $19.99 a month and included access to 2TB of cloud storage. Today, Google announced new features for the new plan, including adding the use of Gemini Advanced to its suite of productivity software.
February 21st, 2024Source or Watch Video

Software — Office — February 19th, 2024

Formatting in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides just got a speed boost
The apps now have a new formatting sidebar on Android tablets.
February 19th, 2024Source

Software — Office — February 14th, 2024

Microsoft 365 Insiders can try out a new feature in the iPad version of PowerPoint
If you are a member of the Microsoft 365 Insider program, and you regularly use Apple's iPad tablets, there's a small but useful new features that are available for testing for the PowerPoint presentation app.
February 14th, 2024Source

Software — Office — February 2nd, 2024

How To Fix The Product Activation Failed Error In Microsoft Office
The "Product Activation Failed" error in Microsoft Office arises when the application cannot verify your license or subscription status. This hiccup, hindering full access to Office features, can stem from various causes like outdated apps, an expired subscription, or incorrect device date and time.
February 2nd, 2024Source

Microsoft is seeking a software architect to port Microsoft 365 to Rust
A strategic position to deliver global impact, steering Microsoft's code away from C#
February 2nd, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 31st, 2024

LibreOffice 24.2 Released For This Leading Free Software Office Suite
LibreOffice 24.2 is now available as the latest major update to this leading cross-platform, free software office suite to compete with the likes of Microsoft Office.
January 31, 2024Source

Office365 tops 400 million paid users. Microsoft credits Copilot AI for Office growth
Microsoft's most recent earnings report mentioned that Office365 has 400 million paid users driven by Copilot innovation.
January 31, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 26th, 2024

Microsoft's new default font for Office apps turns into an overnight TikTok sensation for all the wrong reasons — Here's how to switch back to Calibri
Aptos, the new default font for Office apps might not be a welcome change for users.
January 26, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 22nd, 2024

How tech professionals can survive and thrive at work in the time of AI
AI is reshaping the nature of technology and development work. Industry experts see interesting times ahead. Here's their best advice for making the most of your career opportunities right now.
January 22, 2024Source

How to Fix Excel stdole32.dib Errors
If you are receiving an error when you start your Microsoft Application, indicating an error with stdole32.dib, you are not alone.
January 22, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 19th, 2024

University chops students' Microsoft 365 storage to 20GB
Sacrificing its academic backups for the sake of the environment
January 19, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 16th, 2024

How to protect your organization from malicious macros - ITSAP.00.200
Macros are written sequences that automate processes, data flows, and repetitive tasks in applications, such as in some Microsoft Office Suite documents. These written sequences, sometimes referred to as embedded code, allows the user to create shortcuts for specific tasks like sorting worksheets alphabetically, unmerging all merged cells, or making all rows and columns visible.
January 16, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 13th, 2024

Google adds a simpler sharing option to its Workspace apps
Sharing on the go in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings just got a minor but handy upgrade.
January 13, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 9th, 2024

LibreOffice 24.2 RC1 Free Software Office Suite Released
Ahead of the planned release at the start of February, the release candidate of LibreOffice 24.2 is now available for this leading free software office suite to rival Microsoft Office predominantly on Linux systems as well as other platforms.
January 9, 2024Source

Software — Office — January 8th, 2024

Here's why you should (almost) never use a pie chart for your data
Our lives are becoming increasingly data driven. Our phones monitor our time and internet usage and online surveys discern our opinions and likes. These data harvests are used for telling us how well we've slept or what we might like to buy.
January 8, 2024Source

Software — Office — December 29th, 2023

It's Easy to Put Microsoft Office 365 on Your New Chromebook
With these tips, downloading and installing is easier than you think.
December 29, 2023Source

Software — Office — December 26th, 2023, 2023

How to create a database with LibreOffice
Databases are a great way to keep track of everything from personal collections to customer data. LibreOffice includes a powerful database tool. Here's how to get started.
December 26, 2023Source

These lesser-known Microsoft Office shortcuts could save you hours at work next year
Creating Microsoft 365 documents has never been easier!
December 26, 2023Source

Software — Office — December 18th, 2023

Navigating the transition to Microsoft 365... just in time for Copilot
With the rollout of Copilot this fall, businesses everywhere are considering moving to Microsoft 365 to reap the benefits of its AI companion function in supporting business operations.
December 18, 2023Source

This Hidden Google Docs Feature Lets You Add Emojis To Documents Faster
If you have Google Docs open right now, there's a good chance you're working on something formal or professional — perhaps a book review for school or an analytical report for work. To give life to these types of documents, you would likely add tables, graphs, and even images. However, one thing in the Insert tab that you likely wouldn't think of using is emojis. Just imagine the look on your boss' face when they see a crying emoji right on the front page of your formal report.
December 18, 2023Source

Software — Office — December 4th, 2023

5 Google Sheets Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Productivity
While there are a ton of basic things you can learn to boost your productivity in Google Sheets, sorting through all the different features can be difficult. While things like freezing rows, querying multiple sheets, inserting basic functions, and using shortcuts are useful, intermediate and expert Sheets users can further save time with some savvy tips and tricks you may not have known about.
December 4, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 30th, 2023

Google Sheets is getting an AI-powered upgrade — but you'll have to pay to use it
The new feature is designed to help users spend less time manually organizing and analyzing data in Sheets.
November 30, 2023Source

LibreOffice 24.2 Alpha 1 Builds Available For Testing
The LibreOffice 24.2 Alpha 1 builds for Linux, Windows, and macOS are now available for testing of this leading open-source office suite.
November 30, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 29th, 2023

Google Sheets is getting an improved Smart Fill feature today
Back in 2020, Google Sheets was updated with a feature called Smart Fill, which is meant to detect patterns between columns and suggest data for remaining cells using the company's Knowledge Graph. Today, Google announced that Smart Fill is getting improved, but the newly resulting feature will only be available to Duet AI subscribers.
November 29, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 28th, 2023

Design flaw leaves Google Workspace vulnerable for takeover
A design flaw in Google Workspace's domain-wide delegation feature, discovered by Hunters' Team Axon, can allow attackers to misuse existing delegations, enabling privilege escalation and unauthorized access to Workspace APIs without Super Admin privileges. Such exploitation could result in the theft of emails from Gmail, data exfiltration from Google Drive, or other unauthorized actions within Google Workspace APIs on all the identities in the target domain.
November 28, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 21st, 2023

Office 365: Mail attachments from Outlook cannot be opened in Word/Excel (Nov. 2023)
A quick question for administrators in the readership who use Microsoft Office 365. A reader has contacted us because problems are occurring in his environment when opening mail attachments from Outlook. The attachments cannot be opened in Word or Excel. Updating the Intel® Arc™ & Iris® Xe graphics driver for Windows could help.
November 21, 2023Source

Office Insiders on Windows can try new handwriting tools in Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote
Microsoft is rolling out a new preview update for Office Insiders using the latest Windows 11 updates. Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint receive a new ink-to-text pen tool, allowing you to convert handwritten text on the go and edit text using various gestures.
November 21, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 20th, 2023

Microsoft fixes 'Something Went Wrong' Office sign-in errors
Microsoft is rolling out fixes for known Microsoft 365 issues causing 'Something Went Wrong [1001]' sign-in errors and rendering desktop applications unusable for many customers.
November 20, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 17th, 2023

Critical zero-day flaws in Windows, Office mean it's time to patch
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday release for November delivers 63 updates, with three zero-day flaws affecting Windows and Office. That makes quick patching a must.
November 17, 2023Source

Google Workspace tips and tutorials
Learn how to use and get the most from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Keep, Forms, Gmail, and other apps in Google's Workspace productivity suite.
November 17, 2023Source

How to Use Stars in Google Sheets to Streamline Scoring
Type @rating to add a smart chip in Google Sheets on the web for a viewer-friendly way to display zero-to-five star scores.
November 17, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 16th, 2023

This handy Google Docs feature is a must-have hack to help writers stay focused
For Google Docs power users — and the rest of us — custom substitutions can help make creating documents far more efficient.
November 16, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 15th, 2023

How to refine your writing with LibreOffice's statistical analysis tool
LibreOffice includes a powerful tool that can help improve your documents, so you're not overusing verbs, nouns, or adjectives. It even checks your work for readability.
November 15, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 13th, 2023

How to use Google Sheets for project management
Google Sheets is great for calculations and data analysis, but it also offers several built-in tools for basic tracking of team projects.
November 13, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 9th, 2023

Microsoft Office Updates (November 7, 2023)
Small addendum, on November 7, 2023 (first Tuesday of the month) Microsoft released non-security updates for still supported versions of Microsoft Office. Here is a brief overview of the updates
November 9, 2023Source

Software — Office — November 7th, 2023

How to Make the Most of Duet AI in Google Docs
Duet AI can suggest and rewrite text, fix errors and recommend ways to improve wording.
November 7, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 27th, 2023

How to add a watermark to a LibreOffice Document (and when you should)
When you need to ensure that the documents you send out are clearly created by you, one trick you can use is to add a watermark. LibreOffice has this feature built-in and it has come in handy for me on a number of occasions.
October 27, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 26th, 2023

Microsoft celebrates 40 Years of Word with a look back and ahead
From MS-DOS to AI
October 26, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 24th, 2023

Microsoft Excel finally lets you disable the auto-conversion of data into dates
The overly helpful feature can finally be turned off.
October 24, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 23rd, 2023

It is 2023 and Excel's reign of date terror might finally be at an end
Data scientists to rejoice as spreadsheet's 'helpfulness' can be curbed
October 23, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 19th, 2023

How to use LibreOffice Accessibility Check to ensure your documents are readable by all
How do you ensure that your documents are easy to read and accessible to those who use assistive tech? If you use LibreOffice, there's now a built-in tool for that very purpose.
October 19, 2023Source

Microsoft rolls out Excel improvements for automatic data conversion features
Over a year ago, Microsoft announced some changes it was going to make to its Excel apps, based on user feedback. Office Insider Preview users (now Microsoft 365 Preview users) could gain more control over the Excel app's defaults so they could shut down certain types of automatic data conversion.
October 19, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 17th, 2023

What did the VisiCalc fairy bring you for Spreadsheet Day?
Jez and friend's Excel-lent Adventure
October 17, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 16th, 2023

Excel Hell II: If the sickness can't be fixed, it must be contained
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer once called open source a cancer. Today's diagnosis points to a different cause
October 16, 2023Source

How to Convert an Image Into Editable Text Using Microsoft Word and Adobe
If you receive a picture of data, don't panic: You don't have to enter it by hand. Microsoft Word can convert the image into text for you.
October 16, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 12th, 2023

Microsoft Office Updates (10. October 2023)
On 10. October 2023 (second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft Patchday) Microsoft released several security-related updates for supported Microsoft Office versions and other products. Support for Office 2013 ended with the April 2023 patch day — but vulnerabilities were still closed. Below is an overview of the available updates.
October 12, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 11th, 2023

Yes, you can use your voice to write in Google Docs. Here's how.
Today I learned that Google Docs has a speech-to-text feature.
October 11, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 9th, 2023

Microsoft 365 email senders urged to implement SPF, DKIM and DMARC
In the wake of Google's announcement of new rules for bulk senders, Microsoft is urging Microsoft 365 email senders to implement SPF, DKIM and DMARC email authentication methods.
October 9, 2023Source

Software — Office — October 2nd, 2023

Outlook's clingy 'reopen last session' prompt gets the boot
It looks like you're a perpetual Office user who needs a hidden feature disabled. Would you like help?
October 2, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 26th, 2023

How to add a Google Calendar to Thunderbird
If you're a Thunderbird and Google Calendar user, you'll be happy to know the process of adding those cloud-based calendars has been greatly simplified in Mozilla's email client.
September 26, 2023Source

LibreOffice 7.6.2
LibreOffice is a free productivity suite compatible with Microsoft Office, available on a variety of platforms.
September 26, 2023Source

Microsoft adds AutoComplete for dropdown lists to Excel's Android, iOS, and Mac apps
AutoComplete is a feature in many writing and math apps that we sometimes take for granted. The AI-powered feature can figure out, with some degree of accuracy, what the next word or number in a sentence or math problem we might type out ahead of us.
September 26, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 25th, 2023

How to import data from paper into Excel
This is a super helpful, little-known feature.
September 25, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 19th, 2023

Google Slides adds live collaborative mouse pointers
You can also turn them off, if you want.
September 19, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 18th, 2023

How To Remove Table Formatting In Microsoft Excel And Google Sheets
Whether you're using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, working with massive amounts of data is never an easy feat. It can quickly get confusing, overwhelming, and chaotic and you could potentially end up making errors and misinterpretations.
September 18, 2023Source

How To Separate Names In Microsoft Excel And Google Sheets
You might be familiar with using spreadsheets at work, but they're also a great tool for personal use. Whether you're tracking expenses or putting together a wedding guest list, a spreadsheet can make the entire process more efficient. Both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are great spreadsheet apps.
September 18, 2023Source

How To Use Vlookup In Microsoft Excel And Google Sheets
You can do a lot in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, beyond the obvious spreadsheet-style organization and data collating. A lot of this is tied to both of their programming-like functions that can be used to automatically tally totals, organize rows or columns for you, and so on.
September 18, 2023Source

Microsoft launches the experimental Python Editor from Excel Labs
In August, Microsoft announced it was adding support for Python in Excel spreadsheets. Today, the company announced a new extension for that support, with the addition of the experimental Python Editor.
September 18, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 14th, 2023

How to set the next style in LibreOffice and why you should
If LibreOffice is your office suite of choice, then you should know how easy it is to customize. One option is to define what style comes, which can make you life considerably easier.
September 14, 2023Source

LibreOffice 7.6.1 Community available to download; this is what's new
The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced the availability of LibreOffice 7.6.1 Community. It’s the first point release for the LibreOffice 7.6 series which debuted in late August. The Community edition of LibreOffice is suitable for most users but the TDF has an Enterprise tier for big organizations that want ‘value-added features and other benefits such as Service Level Agreements’.
September 14, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 11th, 2023

How to use Python in MS Excel spreadsheets
The recent integration of Python into Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software has opened up a new realm of possibilities for data analysis and manipulation. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to utilize this new feature, offering a balanced and unbiased assessment of its capabilities.
September 11, 2023Source or Watch Video

Software — Office — September 7th, 2023

Today I learned you can import Excel data from screenshots
If you come across a table on the web or in another source that you want to import into Excel, there's an import feature that does the work for you.
September 7, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 6th, 2023

Microsoft Excel AI tools to improve data analysis and productivity
Microsoft has been introducing new AI tools to enhance productivity and data analysis. One such innovation is the integration of Copilot into Microsoft 365, a feature that works alongside users in the apps they use daily, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more.
September 6, 2023Source or Watch Video

Software — Office — September 5th, 2023

How to extend the trial period of software
Trials help you try out all the features before buying software. With a few tricks, you can even extend the test period.
September 5, 2023Source

Software — Office — September 1st, 2023

How To Check Office Files for Macros Using Java
This article discusses the utility and cybersecurity risks associated with macros and provides several free API solutions to check Office content for macros.
September 1, 2023Source

Zoom's new Notes feature is a game-changer for meetings, and it's not AI-based
Tired of toggling between a video call and Google Docs? Now you won't have to.
September 1, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 31st, 2023

Automate sending prompts to ChatGPT using Google Sheets
If you're exploring ways to streamline your interactions with ChatGPT, especially when you have a bulk list of prompts to send, there's an interesting solution you might want to consider. This involves integrating Google Sheets with ChatGPT to automate the process of sending and receiving prompts.
August 31, 2023Source

Microsoft to stop packaging Teams and Office software in Europe to head off EU antitrust action
Microsoft will stop packaging its Teams videoconferencing app with its Office software in Europe in an effort to head off antitrust penalties by regulators.
August 31, 2023Source

Microsoft to unbundle Teams from its Office suites in Europe
A month after the European Commission launched a formal probe into alleged anti-competitive practices relating to Microsoft's bundling of Teams, the company said it would provide a Teams-less version of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Oct. 1.
August 31, 2023Source or Source or Source

Software — Office — August 30th, 2023

Google Docs just got a new AI-powered proofreading tool
Available only for Google Workspace Enterprise customers for now, the new Proofread tool aims to make your writing more concise, clearer, and easier to read.
August 30, 2023Source

Google Files may become your go-to source for official digital documents in the future
Google Files is one of the apps that comes pre-installed in most of the best phones on the market. But how many of you actually use it? Sure, you can find a lost file on your Android phone with it and it does some minor system maintenance... But that's about it.
August 30, 2023Source

Google's Duet AI can generate emails and documents in different tones
Where's the "insert funny and relevant GIF" option?
August 30, 2023Source

The Microsoft 365 apps are adding new features, and the browser extension has a new look.
Besides the various apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook that are included with a Microsoft 365 subscription, the company also has its own dedicated apps for its productivity service. Today. Microsoft announced a number of new features across several platforms for Microsoft 365 free and paid subscribers.
August 30, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 29th, 2023

Google's Duet AI becomes a meeting assistant, doc summarizer and chat companion
Google's Duet AI, its generative AI-powered helper, is now becoming generally available to any organization using Google Workspace, the company announced today at its Google Cloud Next event. The AI helper, previously in testing with thousands of companies, will gain new capabilities, being able to act as a meeting assistant, a chatbot you can communicate with Google Chat, a document summarizer and a way to add more personalization to Gmail's smart replies, among other things.
August 29, 2023Source or Source

Software — Office — August 23rd, 2023

Software — Office — August 25th, 2023

Microsoft makes management of Office add-ins easier
Users will now have an easier way to manage Office add-ins.
August 25, 2023Source

Microsoft still prohibits Google or Alibaba from running O365 Windows Apps
Almost a month after AWS concession, Redmond keeping mum on reason for locking rivals out
August 25, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 24th, 2023

Google Workspace gets new security features
Google has announced that it is bringing some new security features to Google Workspace and some of these new fesatures ar powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can see more details below.
August 24, 2023Source

LibreOffice 7.6 adds support for Document themes, adds navigation panel to Impress
Six months after its last major point release, LibreOffice 7.6 Community Edition makes its bow on Windows, macOS and Linux. The Document Foundation's open-source, cross-platform office suite offers three major highlights with this new release: document themes, a navigation panel in Impress and the ability to highlight used styles.
August 24, 2023Source

Microsoft Introduces Python in Excel
Some members of the Microsoft 365 Insiders program can now try out the combination of Python's data analysis and visualization libraries, Excel's features and the Anaconda Python repository.
August 24, 2023Source

Microsoft updates Office apps with a new section for managing add-ins
Microsoft has announced a new section for managing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint add-ins. The updated button is now rolling out to Office apps on Windows and their web-based counterparts.
August 24, 2023Source

What is Google Docs? An In-depth Look at the Cloud-Based Document Editor
This guide is designed to explain Google Docs and what it can be used for. In an era where the cloud dominates, it's challenging to find a modern office or student who hasn't interacted with Google Docs. Born out of the increasing need for real-time collaboration and cloud-based solutions, Google Docs offers a seamless integration of word processing and cloud computing. Let's dive deep into the anatomy of this influential tool.
August 24, 2023Source

How to add conditional formatting to a Google Sheets drop-down list
When you want better visualizations of your Google Sheets data, conditional formatting is the way to go.
August 23, 2023Source

How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets
Use this guide to learn how to make text-filled cells in Google Sheets easier to read with text wrap and alignment adjustments.
August 23, 2023Source

LibreOffice 7.6 arrives: Open source stalwart is showing its maturity
What comes next, and what the end of the 7.x release series really means
August 23, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 14th, 2023

New Microsoft Office default font and theme should ship just in time for back to school
Microsoft will refresh its Office apps with a new default theme and font next month.
August 14, 2023Source

The new Aptos Microsoft Office font will officially become the default in September
You won't have to wait very long for the recently selected new Microsoft Office default font, Aptos, to be available for your productivity apps. A recent update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap (via The Verge) reveals the font and the new Microsoft Office default theme will begin following out to all Microsoft 365 users sometime in September.
August 14, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 9th, 2023

How to make videos using Microsoft Stream in Office 365
This guide provides a comprehensive overview on how to utilize Microsoft Stream, a powerful tool that simplifies the process of creating and sharing how-to videos at work.
August 9, 2023Source

Microsoft Office Updates (8th. August 2023)
On 8. August 2023 Microsoft released several security-related updates for supported Microsoft Office versions and other products. Support for Office 2013 ended with the April 2023 patch day — but weaknesses were still closed in August.
August 9, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 8th, 2023

Microsoft Office update breaks actively exploited RCE attack chain
Microsoft today released a defense-in-depth update for Microsoft Office that prevents exploitation of a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-36884 that threat actors have already leveraged in attacks.
August 8, 2023Source

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft (Finally) Patches Exploited Office Zero-Days
Patch Tuesday: A month after confirming active exploitation of Office code execution flaws, Microsoft has shipped patches for multiple affected products.
August 8, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 7th, 2023

How to Check the Word Count in Google Docs
Learn how to check the word count in Google Docs with this step-by-step guide. Use the simple methods to track your document's word count.
August 7, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 4th, 2023

How to Add Code to Google Docs Using Code Blocks
Use our step-by-step guide to learn how to quickly add code to Google Docs using the Code Blocks add-on as well as the built-in Google Workspace option.
August 4, 2023Source

How to use Google Docs to make meeting notes
In a recent update, Google Docs has introduced a new feature that simplifies the process of making meeting notes. This feature, which is a meeting notes template, can be set up in just a few clicks. This development is part of Google's ongoing efforts to streamline productivity and collaboration in the digital workspace.
August 4, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 3rd, 2023

Hackers can abuse Microsoft Office executables to download malware
The list of LOLBAS files — legitimate binaries and scripts present in Windows that can be abused for malicious purposes, will soon include the main executables for Microsoft's Outlook email client and Access database management system.
August 3, 2023Source

How to use smart chips in Google Docs and Sheets
Smart chips are interactive elements you embed in Google documents and spreadsheets. Learn about the different types of smart chips and how to use them for enhanced collaboration.
August 3, 2023Source

How to customize the LibreOffice UI to best fit your style
LibreOffice is the premier open-source office suite that is not only compatible with Microsoft Office but also allows you to configure the interface to suit your needs and style.
August 3, 2023Source

LibreOffice 7.6 RC2 Available For Last Minute Testing Of This Open-Source Office Suite
LibreOffice 7.6 as the next major update to this open-source office suite is due out in mid-August while today's RC2 release serves as a last chance for testing out this updated free software alternative to Microsoft Office.
August 3, 2023Source

The Excel World Cup returns to ESPN with a high-stakes battle royale
It's like speed chess for spreadsheets!
August 3, 2023Source

Software — Office — August 1st, 2023

Microsoft 365 for Education plans will have new limits on cloud storage
Microsoft has announced it is making some changes to its online productivity services for education customers. Microsoft 365 for Education plans will have new limits on the amount of cloud storage for each user and institution.
August 1, 2023Source

Software — Office — July 28th, 2023

5 Game-Changing Google Docs Hacks To Revolutionize Your Writing
Anybody who composes and edits bodies of text with some regularity ought to be familiar with Google Docs, as it's one of the most popular writing tools out there to date.
July 28, 2023Source

How To Check Word Count In Google Docs
Ah, word counts, every writer's best frenemy. They're like Mondays — you can love or loathe 'em, but there's no escaping them. On some days, you might find yourself desperately stretching your sentences to meet the quota, and then there are those times when your creative juices are flowing like a waterfall, but the word limit is like, "Whoa, slow down, Hemingway!"
July 28, 2023Source

Microsoft faces EU antitrust probe for bundling Teams with M365
The European Commission said it is concerned that the bundling of Teams with Microsoft 365 was disallowing choices for enterprises and giving Teams an unfair advantage over competing applications.
July 28, 2023Source

Software — Office — July 27th, 2023

It's official: EU probing bundling of Teams with Microsoft 365
Antitrust inspectors trying to figure out if Redmond has breached local competition laws
July 27, 2023Source or Source or Source

Software — Office — July 21st, 2023

5 Benefits of Using a Markdown Text Editor in Apple's Ecosystem
Here are five advantages of using Markdown apps compared to Google Docs, Apple Pages and Microsoft Word.
July 21, 2023Source

How To Create A Hanging Indent In Google Docs Or Microsoft Word
Hanging indents (a.k.a. second line indents) are used across several widely-accepted literary styles — such as Chicago, MLA, and more — and are most commonly used for bibliography citations. That said, they can be used for non-bibliographical paragraphs as well, depending on the style and situation.
July 21, 2023Source

How To Freeze A Row In Microsoft Excel And Google Sheets
When you're working on an especially chunky spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, it can get annoying to have to scroll up, down, and around to keep track of where all the information is supposed to be going.
July 21, 2023Source

How To Integrate Google Sheets With Mail Merge in Gmail
If your Workspace edition supports it, you may mail merge from Gmail using a Google Sheet as your data source. This means you can create an email that takes custom fields from a spreadsheet and insert them into individual emails to personalize your message. Mail merge works well for customized recommendations, reminders or renewal messages.
July 21, 2023Source

Microsoft 365 makeover: Office docs are getting a new default look
Significant changes are coming to your Office documents with Microsoft 365's new default theme.
July 21, 2023Source or Source

Software — Office — July 20th, 2023

How To Delete A Page In Google Docs Or Microsoft Word
Whether you're putting together an essay for school or a professional document for work, one of the eternal struggles in either matter is getting your document to look nice and neat. The major word processing programs like Google Docs and Microsoft Word have lots of built-in features to ensure your copy looks as clean as possible from the word go, but in spite of that, things can sometimes still get a little weird.
July 20, 2023Source

How To Lock Cells In Microsoft Excel And Google Sheets
Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are programs that allow users to arrange and make sense of a great deal of data. This information can be ordered into neat, color-coordinated columns and rows (using some convenient shortcuts too) and, crucially, these cells can be adjusted by multiple users who have access to the same spreadsheet.
July 20, 2023Source

Microsoft 365 Copilot — a new desktop productivity revolution begins
Microsoft this week fleshed out the plans for its generative AI tool, Copilot. Let the productivity gains begin.
July 20, 2023Source

Software — Office — July 14th, 2023

Google Docs AI Open to Prompt Injection Attacks, Exposing Users to Phishing or Misinformation
Adding a prompt into a document will cause the 'refine text' feature to add misinformation.
July 14, 2023Source

How to easily save and open files from a network share in LibreOffice
Looking for a way to work from the same document across your network with ease? LibreOffice has you covered.
July 14, 2023Source

How to edit a paragraph style in LibreOffice (and why you should)
LibreOffice makes it possible to edit paragraph styles. Find out why you might want to do this and how it's done.
July 14, 2023Source

Office Software — Google WorkSpace

Google announces new accessibility and teaching resource updates for K-12 classrooms
A new Google for Education hub and accessibility tools make group learning easier.
June 23, 2023Source

Google Workspace now support passkeys
Google Workspace has introduced a significant security advancement this month in the form of passkeys, an innovative passwordless sign-in method.
June 27, 2023Source

Google Workspace users can now log in without a password, thanks to passkeys
After the consumer launch last month, businesses can ditch their Google passwords.
June 6, 2023Source

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EVE Online's Excel integration is live: Pretend spaceships, real spreadsheets
EVE Online, known as the most robust player-driven persistent online world in gaming (by people who actually play it) and "that space game with all the spreadsheets" (by people who don't), is getting a new tool for players today.
June 20, 2023Source

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How to use Google Docs: Everything you need to know
Google Docs is a powerful tool that offers free, cloud-based word processing. It is a part of Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), a suite of cloud-based productivity tools from Google that also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms.
June 9, 2023Source

How to use the new AI writing tool in Google Docs and Gmail
Currently in beta, Help Me Write is a new generative AI writing tool built into Gmail and Google Docs. Here's how to get the most out of it while avoiding its pitfalls.
June 8, 2023Source

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Microsoft 365 Insiders on mobile and Mac devices can try out some new features
Members of the Microsoft 365 Insider program can now try out some new features for the Mac, iOS, and Android apps this week. One new feature makes it easier to crop images, while the other will let users merge PDF files.
June 30, 2023Source

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These Microsoft Office security signatures are 'practically worthless'
Turns out it's easy to forge documents relying on OOXML
June 13, 2023Source

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ZOHO Office Suite
Online Office Tools, Productivity Applications and more
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10+ tips for working with Excel's Subtotal feature
Excel's Subtotal feature can save you tons of time, especially if you know a few efficiency tricks.
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Cheat Sheet: 10 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word
The name's practically synonymous with "productivity app." If you're reading this article at work you've probably got a Word doc open right now, and you might think you've got a good handle on Microsoft's word processor. We'll bet you don't know as much as you think you do. don't believe us? Read on for 10 quick tips and tricks for Microsoft Word.
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Checksum for a Spreadsheet
I'd like to create a cell in Excel that does the equivalent of a "hash" or sum of the entire active workbook. I need to check quickly, but with some confidence, that a printout of the spreadsheet is the same as the electronic one.
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Clear Named Ranges from Excel
I use Excel 2003 for tracking and managing my investments. There are separate worksheets for groups of stocks I own or have owned. the active holdings are linked to a single summary page. Over the years, I have somehow accumulated a long list of named ranges that were applicable once upon a time but no longer are.
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the free, open source office suite.
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