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46 Programming — Active Server Page (ASP) Entries

Programming — ASP — February 14th, 2024

Leveraging Azure Cloud and Docker for ASP.NET Core Projects: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses
The integration of Azure Cloud and Docker for ASP.NET Core projects offers a compelling blend of efficiency, scalability, and performance.
February 14th, 2024Source

Programming — ASP — February 1st, 2024

Create an exception handler in ASP.NET Core 8
Take advantage of the new IExceptionHandler interface to handle exceptions gracefully in your ASP.NET Core applications.
February 1st, 2024Source

Programming — ASP — November 30th, 2023

Implement authorization for Swagger in ASP.NET Core
Swagger makes it easy to document APIs, and Swashbuckle makes it easy to use Swagger in ASP.NET Core. Here's how to implement basic authentication and authorization for your Swagger UI.
November 30, 2023Source

Programming — ASP — November 16th, 2023

How to measure API performance in ASP.NET Core
Take advantage of MethodTimer.Fody to measure the execution speed of your APIs and keep your ASP.NET Core applications running smoothly.
November 16, 2023Source

Programming — ASP — October 12th, 2023

How to use TinyIoC in ASP.NET Core
TinyIoC is a lightweight and fast inversion of control container that makes dependency injection simple and easy. Here's how to take advantage of it in ASP.NET Core applications.
October 12, 2023Source

Programming — ASP — September 28th, 2023

Build an API gateway using YARP in ASP.NET Core
Take advantage of an API gateway to provide a single point of entry to your back-end services and keep your services secure. YARP makes it easy.
September 28, 2023Source

Programming — ASP — August 31st, 2023

How to improve API security in ASP.NET Core
Take advantage of authentication and authorization, API keys, rate limiting, CORS, API versioning, and other recommended practices to build secure and robust APIs in ASP.NET Core.
August 31, 2023Source

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — A

A Programmer's Introduction to ASP
An introduction to ASP, including descriptions of all ASP objects and common ASP-related technologies.
Provides InformationSource

Active Server Corner: Tutorials
A small but useful collection of ASP tutorials.
Provides InformationSource

Active Server Pages General FAQ
Active Server Corner, FAQs @ Active Server Corner. Active Server Pages: General FAQ.
Provides InformationSource

ASP Installation tutorial
This tutorial teaches even a non-ASP programmer to how to install and configure ASP scripts and VB COMponents in their web server, in easy steps with examples.
Provides InformationSource

ASP scripts, including a guestbook and "tell a friend."
Provides InformationSource

ASP School
Large collection of ASP tutorials with working examples and source code.
Provides InformationSource

ASP Today
Collection of ASP articles from topics such as ASP+, components, security, site server, and XML.Most articles for paid subscribers only.
Provides InformationSource

Asp4Hs: HomeSite/ASP-Related Resource Links
An ASP you can Grasp: the ABCs of Active Server Pages; ASP Conventions; ASP Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques; Active Server Pages Frequently Asked Questions.
Provides InformationSource

ASP.NET Core Dev Team Launches 'Blazor United' Push for .NET 8
Shortly after Blazor creator Steve Sanderson wowed web-devs with a new prototype project called Blazor United and solicited feedback on its viability, Microsoft flipped the switch and put it on the roadmap for .NET 8.
February 3, 2023Source Home Page
Includes tutorials, downloads, news, job postings, articles, and user groups.
Provides InformationSource
Your first source for free ASP live demos, source codes and more.
Provides InformationSource
Technical articles covering aspects of Active Server Pages including VBScript, ADO/SQL, XML, Windows NT/2000, and IIS.Also features a collection of components and tools.
Provides InformationSource

AspQPerfCounters Component
Related Articles 15 Seconds: Debugging Production Active Server Pages in IIS 4.0. Working with the Component.
Provides InformationSource
A site for advanced ASP and web developers with articles covering the use of ADO, components, VBScript classes, and others.The extensive forum covers many ASP issues not addressed elsewhere.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — B

Brinkster Code Bank
A collection of ASP code samples written in VBScript.
Provides InformationSource

Brinkster: ASP Articles
Collection of articles for both beginning and intermediate ASP programmers.Also features basic instructions for using databases with ASP.NET.
Provides InformationSource

With BrowserHawk cyScape has solved the know? you can avoid broken pages on your production site due to that file name on your server.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — C

CodeAve: ASP
ASP code samples including hit counters, text file display, databases, and random events.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — D

DayPoint Portal for Active Server Pages
Adds calendars, contacts, tasks, and mail to web applications. by Front Office Communications, Inc.
Provides InformationSource

DevASP samples
Samples and components with source code from web developers.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — F

Free ASP & VB Code
Visual Basic/ASP samples and source code.
Provides InformationSource

Sample code showing how to FTP from ASP without using 3rd party components.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — H ASP Lesson 1: Intro to ASP
Quick intro to Active Server Pages. Intro: So you have seen and heard about ASP on the web, and now you wonder what it is, and what it can do for you.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — I

IisCART Shopping Cart Software — More than a shopping cart,
Active Server Pages component based shopping cart software for Internet Information Server.
Provides InformationSource

Articles and Code for ASP and IIS
Provides InformationSource

Internet & Intranet Development
for the Internet. Interactive Internet applications can be made using CGI scripts, ActiveX components, Active Server Pages, etc.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — J

Joteke's Blog
ASP.NET: clear user control output cache
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — L by Charles Carroll
Send Asp info! my email is: (ASP new Generation) the First Active Server Pages+ site! Now, ASP+lists are open!
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — M

Mastering Active Server Pages 3
technology is popular for both Internet and intranet Web sites, thanks to its use of familiar Visual Basic script, easy access to databases, and integration with Windows NT and Windows 2000.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — N

Need Scripts
One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews and articles.
Provides a ServiceSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — S — Dynamic Web Page Generation
minute information. a concept being heavily promoted by Microsoft through it's Active Server Pages system, although it is equally possible using CGI.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — T

Tenon Intersystems : Press Release
Halcyon Software & Tenon Announce Active Server Pages support for Mac OS X.
Provides InformationSource

The Demo Site
Cut-and-paste example example ASP and JavaScript code.How to set up a username and password-protected site with a Microsoft Access database & ASP.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — V

VB Sites
ASP a comprehensive index of Active server pages related web sites.
Provides InformationSource

Visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c
visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++, c__ , vbscript,active server pages, ASP, vbscript,SQL, database, informix, oracle, SQL.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — W

Web / Programming / ASP —
Active Server Pages are a server-side scripting technology primary developed to work under IIS (Internet Information Server) on Windows NT Server.
Provides InformationSource

Web Sites
Active Server Pages have changed the way of programming Web sites drastically. to help you keep up-to-date with new technologies, tools, tips and tricks.
Provides InformationSource

WebRef Update: Featured Article: Mix and Match: Using
Grow your revenue stream! Mix and Match: Using VBScript to define and control JavaScript on Active Server Pages.
Provides InformationSource

Welcome to Active Server Corner
Includes book excerpts, columns, events, tools and product reviews.
Provides InformationSource

Welcome to the ASP.NET Home Page
Step 1: Download and Install ASP supported on Windows 2000 — both server and workstation editions.
Provides InformationSource

What's New for ASP.NET Core & Blazor in .NET 7
New functionality for the ASP.NET Core web-dev component of .NET 7 starts out with several enhancements to Blazor, which lets Microsoft-centric web coders use their favorite programming language, C#, instead of JavaScript.
November 10, 2022Source

Working with the ASP.NET 2.0 ObjectDataSource Control
ADO.NET and the SqlDataSource make two-tiered data access easy in ASP.NET 2.0.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Active Server Page — Resources — Y

Yahasp, a PerlHoo Alternative
Explains in detail how to implement a Yahoo-like directory system using ASP's FileSystemObject.Source code can be downloaded and used for free.
Provides InformationSource

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