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72 Programming — Basic Entries

Programming — Basic — October 20th, 2023

OpenSilver 2.0 Adds VB.NET, RIA Services and Live XAML Preview
OpenSilver 2.0, a new version of the replacement for the discontinued Silverlight web application framework, brings support for Visual Basic.NET and Rich Internet Application (RIA) Services. It also updates the tooling, featuring a live XAML preview designer in Visual Studio.
October 20, 2023Source

Programming — Basic — September 6th, 2023

Seven Effective Strategies To Optimize Your VBA Macro Performance
From disabling animations and leveraging built-in functions to streamlining code, VBA Macros contribute to a more efficient Excel experience.
September 6, 2023Source

Programming — Basic — Resources — A

Offers online training material.
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Acid Works Software
Hosts numerous games programmed in QBasic, QuickBasic 4.5 or QuickBasic 7.1. There is also a message board dedicated to QBasic issues.
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ActiveX controls for TCP/IP protocols.
This Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit includes networking components for ActiveX and DLL for Visual Basic, VC++, VJ++ Delphi and others, a network sniffer, scheduler, full featured applications and more.
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Analyze, document and flowchart tools source codes for professional windows and .Net developers.
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Allexperts Visual Basic Q&Amp;A
Volunteer experts answer all your questions about visual basic.
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Arcata Pet-Visual Basic Samples
Arcata Pet visual basic samples. Arcata Pet produces shareware image viewers, wallpaper managers, and screen savers.
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ASP Free
Offers tutorials and programming tips.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — B

BASIS International
solutions for the business BASIC community
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Beginning Visual Basic 6
Creating a VB application from the ground up. Learn how to design the project, create the controls and write the code.
Provides InformationSource

Brad's VB-32 Programs and Samples
A collection of unique 32 bit freeware programs and code samples for the intermediate and advanced Visual Basic developer familiar with the Win32 API.
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Bug Proofing Visual Basic Source Code
Source example that demostrates how to bug proof your code.Will give an analysis and display fixes for your buggy code.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — C

Chipmunk Basic Home Page
Chipmunk Basic is an old fashioned BASIC interpreter that runs on almost all Macs and is accelerated for PowerMacs.
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Offers free source code and tutorials.
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Cyber Institute of Technology
This site provides illustrated tutorials to help you learn Visual Basic 2005 as you follow along and practice.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — D

Dev Articles
Offers tutorials and programming tips.
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A directory of articles, source code, knowledge base, and sample chapters.
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Offers articles, forums and blogs.
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Developer Fusion
Offers articles, tutorials, sample code, sample chapters, and links to related resources.
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Offers articles, tutorials, and forums.
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Dynamic Concepts Inc.
business BASIC language solutions for the developer and user.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — E

Examware — Free Visual Basic Tutorials
A listing of Visual Basic tutorials from a wide variety of sources which you can peruse
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Programming — Basic — Resources — F

Finding and Sorting Data in DataSets VB.NET
In this tutorial readers learn about finding and sorting data in DataSets — Filtering on Row State and Version, Sorting and Data View Manager.
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has free and high-quality code written in Visual Basic. all code is tested before it is posted. new code is added every day.
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FunctionX Visual Basic.Net tutorial
A beginners guide to Visual Basic.Net, plus more professional tutorials on special topics including ADO.Net and GDI+.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — I

Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
The tutorial includes sample code and instructions.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — K

K & K Consulting's VB Guru
Ask the guru, FAQ, book store, tips, code and snippets, tutorials, links.
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KIDware Educational Software
Visual Basic and Visual Basic .Net tutorials for Kids and Adults.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — L

Basic language tutorial. Useful for those wishing to learn how to program using the Basic programming language. Designed specifically for Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Access. L-Basic contains the capability of running tutorial code examples at the touch of a button.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — M

Mircosoft Visual Studio
Information about releases, top links, documentation, add-ons, VB related articles, support.
Provides InformationSource

Midware Technologies
A source of migration products for evolution from proprietary BASIC language environments to Open Systems, UNIX, DOS, Windows, Windows NT, and LANs.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — N

Need Scripts
One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews and articles.
Provides a ServiceSource

Niakwa, Inc.
programming tools development company specializing in NPL, and advance form of BASIC.
Provides InformationSource

Now arriving at the home for the QB64 programming language.
QB64 is a modern extended BASIC+OpenGL language that retains QB4.5/QBasic compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows (XP and up), Linux and macOS (up to High Sierra).
February 5, 2019Source or Watch Video

Programming — Basic — Resources — O
Tutorial for beginners in VB includes step-by-step programming process description in ebook format and complete source code.
Provides InformationSource

One-Stop Source Shop
The collected works of Karl E. Peterson, author of numerous articles and samples.
Provides InformationSource

Powerful Windows database management tool. Supports SQL and all popular database formats.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — P

PowerBASIC on the Net
This product allows your DOS programs to look and act just like a Windows application.
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PowerBASIC's Home in Germany
Claiming they are the oldest PowerBASIC site on the Internet, this organization offers free downloads and news catering to the PowerBASIC community.
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Programming Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Core Reference
Book by Charles Petzold from Microsoft Press.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — Q

QuickBasic Cafe
offers games, tools, tutorials, and more.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — R

RealSoftware, Inc. Makers of RealBasic, the premire graphics basic IDE for the Macintosh platform.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — S

Shrinkwrap Visual Basic
Source code examples of video capture technigues.
Provides InformationSource

Soft Circuits Programming
There are lots of Visual Basic code snippets that you can use in your own programs.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Basic — Resources — T

Tarak's Tower
Home to QBasic RPG's, Tutorials, and links, come take a look.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — U

Using RS232 Ports in BASIC
A tutorial on using BASIC to send and recieve ASCII data via a com port. Uses an ADR101 data acquisition interface as an example.
Provides InformationSource

Using the MsComm Control for Serial Data Acquisition
A tutorial on the use of the MsComm control for serial data acquisition. user an ADR112 to read analog voltages.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — V

VB ActiveX Toolbox
Complete code tricks and tips for faster, more versitle applications, complete with screenshots and step by step directions.
Provides InformationSource

VB X Zone
Contains monthly articles on various programming topics, weekly API Tip section with articles and examples on how to use various API functions, a daily link to a cool VB website.
Provides InformationSource

VB6 Resources and Source Code
This site first operated as between 1998 and 2006 and is now back and running!
Provides InformationSource

VBA Code Samples makes available many tools for Access and Office developers, including this selection of VBA code samples.
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VBA Excel Tips
offers code, functions, formulas, and database tools and tips.
Provides InformationSource

A huge collection of questions and answers that people asked and resident experts answered.
Provides InformationSource

VB 6.0 to VB .NET migration guide FAQ
Information on how to upgrade an application from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic.NET, including tools, techniques and migration best practices.
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VB Helper
Offers tips, tricks and example programs. It also offers a Visual Basic 2005 Programmer's Reference.
Provides InformationSource

VB.NET Forums
Visual Basic .NET forum and discussion area.
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VBWire is your ultimate source of Visual Basic news. Our editors scour the net every day to bring you the hottest news so you don't have to.
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Visual Basic 911
Sample projects, FAQs, tips, and resources.
Provides InformationSource

Visual Basic books
Reviews of Visual Basic and Visual Basic.Net books for all levels of programmers.
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Visual Basic Code
Free code. Copy and paste code from your browser directly into Visual Basic.
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Visual Basic FAQ
Usenet VB FAQs index — the Frequently Asked Questions document for Microsoft Visual Basic.
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Visual Basic Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions frequently asked from the MSDN team.
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Visual Basic Programming
Learn VB with step by step tuturials, perfect for beginners, we have codes, examples
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Visual Basic Thunder
VB source, reviews, help, reference, software, tutorials.
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Visual Basic Training
Offers commercial training materials.
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Visual Basic Tutorial
Tutorial for beginners.
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Visual Basic Tutorials
Free online Visual Basic tutorials are provided for beginners to advanced. Beginner, database, client server programming, activeX, and OOP.
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Visual Basic Windows Forms over Data Video Series
This how-to video series is dedicated to getting Visual Basic developers productive on areas of data-based Windows Application development. the series starts with the basics of database development with SQL-Server 2005 Express then walks through the details of connecting to and querying databases, and Windows Forms development basics using the built-in designers in Visual Basic 2005.
Provides InformationSource

The weblog and code repository of Jeremy Cowles.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Basic — Resources — W

Walker Brothers Visual Basic Development
Source code for Visual Basic v4 and 5. all code is 32 bit.
Provides InformationSource

Programming — Basic — Resources — Y

YABASIC, which stands for Yet another BASIC program, is a free interpreter for Unix and Window 95.
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Programming — Basic — Resources — Z

ZCurve Software
makers of MacStandardBasic, a powerful BASIC for the Macintosh, and the Auction Browser, for tracking online auctions.
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