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114 Programming — CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Entries

Programming — HTML — CSS — January 16th, 2024

The Complex But Awesome CSS border-image Property
The CSS * border-image * property is one of those properties you undoubtedly know exists but may not have ever reached for. Or maybe you have reached for it but found all of its slicing logic difficult and cumbersome.
January 16, 2024Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — January 11th, 2024

Top Front-End Tools Of 2023
Who doesn't love a good front-end tool? In this roundup, you'll find useful front-end tools that were popular last year and will help you speed up your development workflow.
January 11, 2024Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — December 29th, 2023

Introduction to Shaders in Godot 4
Shaders are powerful tools that allow developers to customize the look and feel of their games in endless ways. This article will go over the basics of writing fragment and vertex shaders in Godot 4. You'll learn techniques to create your own visual effects.
December 29, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — December 22nd, 2023

The View Transitions API And Delightful UI Animations (Part 1)
The View Transitions API is a new — but game-changing — feature that allows us to do the types of reactive state-based UI and page transitions that have traditionally been exclusive to JavaScript frameworks. In the first part of this mini two-part series, Adrian Bece thoroughly explains why we need the API and demonstrates its basic usage.
December 22, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — December 11th, 2023

Chris' Corner: More Surprising Powers of CSS
Kilian Valkhof has a good one this week, You don't need JavaScript for that, as part of the HTMLHell yearly Advent Calendar (of blog posts). He opens with the rule of least power:
December 11, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — November 30th, 2023

Is Tailwind CSS Worth Trying in 2024?
Separate the hype from the facts
November 30, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — November 20th, 2023

What's Coming to CSS in 2023-2024?
The article previews transformative CSS updates in 2023-24 aimed at boosting web design responsiveness, code simplicity, and overall user experience.
November 20, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — November 6th, 2023

Chris' Corner: Buttons, Modes, and a Couple of Layout Situations That Are Still a Bit Tricky
If you ever need some inspiration for buttons, definitely check out Lucas Bonomi's This is a better-than-it-needs-to-be one-off site just for beautiful buttons:
November 6, 2023Source

Deno 1.38 features HTML documentation, hot module replacement
The latest updates enhance documentation and client-side navigation in Deno and the Fresh web framework.
November 6, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — October 24th, 2023

Enhance Testing Workflows With HTML Allure Reports in Cypress
Cypress is a fast and user-friendly JavaScript testing framework that generates detailed Allure reports with screenshots.
October 24, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — October 20th, 2023

How To Choose Typefaces For Fintech Products: Best Practices Guide (Part 2)
Finding the right typeface is tricky as a whole. Dividing the process into steps and having the right information at hand will make this journey a design adventure full of surprises. To avoid sinking into unnecessary details, use this guide as a map for your path. Review various font paraments and learn how to apply them to your designs.
October 20, 2023Source

Limitations of Scoped CSS
I was excited about Scoped CSS when frameworks like React and Vue introduced them a few years back.
October 20, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — October 18th, 2023

How To Animate Along A Path In CSS
CSS loaders and progress indicators are some of the most widely used examples in tutorials and documentation. There are so many ways to approach them. It's possible that some approaches may be "better" than others, but it also depends on what you want to accomplish. In this article, Preethi demonstrates an approach using animated custom properties, a conic gradient, CSS offset, and emoji to create the illusion of a scooter racing along a donut track.
October 18, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — October 13th, 2023

An Introduction to Native CSS Nesting
Nesting is one of the core reasons for using a CSS preprocessor such as Sass. The feature has now arrived in standard browser CSS with a similar syntax. Can you drop the preprocessor dependency from your build system?
October 13, 2023Source

How to Create Printer-friendly Pages with CSS
In this article, we review the art of creating printer-friendly web pages with CSS.
October 13, 2023Source

How to Implement Pagination with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
On the Web, pagination is a way to break up large pieces of content into more bite-sized pieces. In this article, we'll look at a simple way to divide content into a series of "pages" using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.
October 13, 2023Source

Responsive CSS Layout Grids without Media Queries
The foundation for many sites continues to be a layout grid, whether that's composed of Grid or Flexbox. In this excerpt from Unleashing the Power of CSS: Advanced Techniques for Responsive User Interfaces, we'll see how both of these tools provide ways to create fluidly responsive layout grids without media queries.
October 13, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — October 5th, 2023

Resizing Images On-The-Fly
In this post, we described how to use Apache APISIX with imgproxy to reduce the storage cost of images in multiple resolutions.
October 5, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — October 2nd, 2023

Chris' Corner: Things I Totally Didn't Know About That I Learned From Taking the State of HTML 2023 Survey
Lea Verou helped craft the State of HTML 2023 Survey — the first of it's kind! HTML, you say? What is there to ask? HTML isn't exactly what I'd think of as a fast-moving technology. I hear there is a element now, so that's new. It's sugar for

October 2, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — September 25th, 2023

Chris' Corner: Better CSS Animation
There was a (long) time when it didn't exist, though. My old buddy Jonathan Snook wrote in 2007 that he didn't like the idea of animation coming to CSS at all, but had changed his mind by 2009.
September 25, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — September 22nd, 2023

How to Create a CSS Typewriter Effect for Your Website
In this article, you'll learn how to make your website's text dynamic and more engaging using typewriter effects in pure CSS.
September 22, 2023Source

The Path To Awesome CSS Easing With The linear() Function
With the new CSS linear() easing function on the horizon, the possibilities of what we can do to create natural-feeling animations and transitions in the future are greatly expanded. Jhey Tompkins looks at the current state of CSS easing in this article and demonstrates what we can expect from linear(), including handy tools to get your hands on it today.
September 22, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — September 20th, 2023

How to Create Printer-friendly Pages with CSS
"Who prints web pages?" I hear you cry! Relatively few pages will ever be reproduced on paper. But consider:
September 20, 2023Source

Intro to HTMX: Dynamic HTML without JavaScript
HTMX is the HTML extension syntax that replaces JavaScript with simple markup. It could change the course of web development.
September 20, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — August 28th, 2023

Falling For Oklch: A Love Story Of Color Spaces, Gamuts, And CSS
The CSS Color Module Level 4 specification defined a slew of new color features when it became a candidate recommendation in 2022. While the relative color() syntax (deservedly) gets the lion's share of attention, the introduction of two new color spaces — Oklab and Oklch — have widened the field of color we have to work with. This article explores the Oklch color space and how to start using it in CSS... today.
August 28, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — August 9th, 2023

Cracking the Code: 7 Secrets Every Web Developer Should Know
Master the craft with seven guarded revelations every web developer must grasp. Elevate your skills and prowess in the digital realm. Dive in now!
August 9, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — August 8th, 2023

Chris' Corner: Useful HTML and CSS Patterns

is one of the grand enemies of responsive design. They don't wrap (that wouldn't make much sense) so they can "blow out" the width of a mobile device pretty easily. The overflow property also doesn't work on them. So you gotta find a way, and it really depends on the data. Sometimes a row of table data is pretty independently useful (imagine a row of employee data) so making all the and
/ element display: block and stacking them works.
August 8, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — August 1st, 2023

CSS And Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice
It is challenging to accurately understand the preferences of over 7.8 billion people at any given time. Carie Fisher outlines which CSS media features are available for detecting user preferences and how they are used to design and build more inclusive experiences.
August 1, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — July 21st, 2023

A Pure Swift Library To Find Favicons Used by Any Website
Designed for iOS and macOS applications
July 21, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — July 14th, 2023

Writing CSS In 2023: Is It Any Different Than A Few Years Ago?
CSS is evolving faster than ever. With all of the new features that are now available — and forthcoming — since we got Flexbox and Grid years ago, the way we write CSS is evolving, too. In this article, Geoff Graham shares which features have had the most influence on his current approaches to CSS, as well as those that have not (at least yet).
July 14, 2023Source

Programming — HTML — CSS — July 7th, 2023

Redefining Element Positioning With CSS Inset Property
Say goodbye to awkward layouts and bring creative vision to life. Master the art of positioning with our guide on CSS inset property to create stunning designs.
July 7, 2023Source

Shines, Perspective, And Rotations: Fancy CSS 3D Effects For Images
CSS has all kinds of tricks that are capable of turning images into neat, interactive elements. This article is a collection of fancy 3D effects for images that demonstrate those CSS powers. Get ready to learn how they work as we get our hands dirty with CSS features that add perspective, depth, rotation, and even a slick shine to images that you can use on your next project.
July 7, 2023Source

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — A

Active Jump HTML Tutorial
Lessons on web page layout, font size and color, adding links, tables, lists, frames and forms. a practice pad is available.
Provides InformationSource

Advanced HTML
Offers a guide to HTML, including tables, and colors. Also JavaScript.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — B

Bare Bones Guide to HTML, The
Contains multilingual guides to HTML, the markup language in which Web pages are written.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — C

Cascading Style Sheets
W3C's overview of Web style sheets: CSS.
Provides InformationSource

Cascading Style Sheets Current Work
If you want to follow the development of CSS3, this page is the place to start. Publication descriptions are ordered roughly according to their priority within the working group.
Provides InformationSource

Coding Q&Amp;A with Chris Coyier: Code Smell and Type on a Grid
Howdy, folks! Welcome to the new incarnation of Smashing Magazine's Q&Amp;A. it's going to work like this: you send in questions you have about CSS, and at least once a month we'll pick out the best questions and answer them so that everyone can benefit from the exchange. your question could be about a very specific problem you're having, or it could be a question about a philosophical approach. We'll take all kinds.
Provides InformationSource

Complete HTML Character Entity Chart
Complete HTML Character Entity Chart
Provides InformationSource

Craig's HTML Page
HTML & XHTML lessons and tips.
Provides InformationSource

Creating An Affiliate Tracking Module in Magento
In this tutorial, we will create a Magento module that will capture an affiliate referral from a third-party source (e.g. an external website or newsletter) and include a HTML script on the checkout success page once this referral has been converted.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — D

Dave Arn's HTML Reference
A list of HTML tags and how they are used in a web page.
Provides InformationSource

Designing CSS Layouts with Flexbox is as Easy as Pie
Flexible box layout (or flexbox) is a new box model optimized for UI layout. as one of the first CSS modules designed for actual layout (floats were really meant mostly for things such as wrapping text around images), it makes a lot of tasks much easier, or even possible at all. Flexbox's repertoire includes the simple centering of elements (both horizontally and vertically), the expansion and contraction of elements to fill available space, and source-code independent layout, among others abilities.
Provides InformationSource

Design your web sites ideal navigation system and presentation effects with OpenCube's ready to implement DHTML — JavaScript effects.
Provides InformationSource

A biweekly how-to column on Dynamic HTML.
Provides InformationSource

Do Chub
Provides InformationSource

Dynamic Drive DHTML Code Library
A comprehensive DHTML code library.
Provides InformationSource

Dynamic HTML Index
Boasting the largest collection of DHTML links, this index organizes its pointers to answer commonly asked questions like what is Dynamic HTML and where can I learn how to use it?
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — E

EchoEcho.Com: HTML Tutorials
Covers both the basics and advanced HTML topics with an interactive message board for specific issues.
Provides InformationSource

Examware HTML Tutorials and Resources
An enormous range of free resources for those wanting to learn more about HTML.
Provides InformationSource

Extreme HTML Optimization — WebReference
Article on reducing HTML file size in order to maximize page display speed.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — F

Flamingo Lingo
Includes an HTML 4.0 tag list as well as lessons on Cascading Style Sheets and DHTML.
Provides InformationSource

Free HTML Tutorials — Tutorialized
A directory of web design lesson links, including HTML.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — G

Get Started with WordPress
Back when blogging was just catching on, a small PHP-based publishing system was quietly released and quickly took the blogging community by storm. WordPress, as the system was known, was an instant hit thanks to its simplicity and open-source license which allowed interested developers to extend and improve the system without hassle.
Provides InformationSource

Goodbye, Zen Coding. Hello, Emmet!
Back in 2009, Sergey Chikuyonok wrote an article to present a new way of writing HTML and CSS code. this revolutionary plugin, called Zen Coding, has helped many developers through the years and has now reached a new level.
Provides InformationSource

Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
The Web Design Group's guide to Cascading Style Sheets.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — H

House of Style
A comprehensive set of style sheets resources for the novice to the expert. guides, tutorials, articles, recipes, a gallery and more.
Provides InformationSource

HTML 2.0 DTD Reference
Lists and describes the different parts of the HTML 2.0 Document Type Definition.
Provides InformationSource

HTML 3.2 Reference
All the tags in specification, including information on usage and limitations.
Provides InformationSource

HTML 4.0 Reference
This HTML reference by the Web Design Group has several HTML tag lists.
Provides InformationSource

HTML 4.0 Working Draft Release, The
Completely free, the HTML 4.0 working draft is available — courtesy of the WWW Consortium — in a number of formats: HTML online, a plain text file, HTML as a gzip'd tar or a zip file (~248Kb), as well as a 2.4MB postscript file or a 260-page PDF.
Provides InformationSource

A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML
Provides InformationSource

HTML 5 differences from HTML 4
HTML 5 defines the fifth major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web, HTML. "HTML 5 differences from HTML 4" describes the differences between HTML 4 and HTML 5 and provides some of the rationale for the changes. this document may not provide accurate information as the HTML 5 specification is still actively in development. When in doubt, always check the HTML 5 specification itself.
Provides InformationSource

HTML 5 Elements
The table shows the 104 elements currently in the HTML5 working draft and two proposed elements (marked with an asterisk).
Provides InformationSource

HTML 5 from TBray
It's all over the news these days, because it's a Good Thing: the Web will be smarter and faster and better. and for other reasons involving politics and vituperation. I love parts of HTML5, but it's clear that other parts are a science project. and as a sometime standards wonk, I'm puzzled by aspects of the way the spec (not the language, the spec for the language) is put together.
Provides InformationSource

HTML 5 Security Cheatsheet
What your browser does when you look away..
Provides InformationSource

HTML by Example
Alphabetical listings of all HTML tags and explanations, inlcuding examples of how to use them.
Provides InformationSource

HTML Center
Features beginning to advanced HTML lessons. Included is a special tutorial for HTML 4.0. other programming languages covered are CSS, DHTML, and VRML.
Provides InformationSource

Maintained by the Web Design Group to provide Web authoring reference material, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions.
Provides InformationSource

HTML Help Center
Covers basic to advanced HTML topics. There is an HTML tag list. Also, covered are Cascading Style Sheets.
Provides InformationSource

HTML Help Online
The beginner's guide to web site development. Easy to understand step by step levels of learning. Includes quick reference to HTML codes.
Provides InformationSource

HTML School
HTML School is an award winning, well organized, and easy to understand HTML tutorial with lots of working examples and source code.
Provides InformationSource

HTML Station — List of HTML 4 Elements
This document links you to reference information and demonstrations of HTML elements. You'll find examples, syntax summaries, and links to supporting and reference info.
Provides InformationSource

Tips and tricks for new and experienced webmaster.
Provides InformationSource

HTML Tips and Tricks
Stylesheets, forms, fading, background colour and sound, bullets, aligning text, hit counter, marquees, Java dialog boxes, and preventing browsers from caching.
Provides InformationSource

HTML Writer's Guild
Comprised of more than 50,000 professionals and hobbyists in over 100 countries worldwide, the guild invites beginners and experts alike to accept the basic free membership and take advantage of the numerous member resources and benefits.
Provides InformationSource

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet
Provides InformationSource

Tutorials, tips, and software reviews.
Provides InformationSource

HyperText Markup Language — W3C
The official W3C HTML page. Includes full information on HTML, and links to all the specifications.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — I

Idocs Guide to HTML
Featured are brief lessons on HTML. Included is a tag list and webpage building resource list.
Provides InformationSource

Independence Day: HTML5 WebSocket Liberates Comet from Hacks
A recent set of HTML5 discussions are changing the course of Comet. First, a recap of the last two years of Comet: with long-polling we set the bar to cross-browser push.
Provides InformationSource

Index DOT CSS Style Sheets Guide
Properties index, history, and links. Part of Index DOT HTML by Brian Wilson.
Provides InformationSource

Index Dot HTML
The advanced HTML reference. Repositories and references for technical information about the HTML and CSS languages.
Provides InformationSource

Internet Brothers
Tutorials, including examples, covering HTML and DHTML, graphics editing, site promotion, digital photography, and desktop publishing.
Provides InformationSource

Introducing the
Content management tools and designing web pages using XML, articles and news about XML.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — J

Jan's Guide to HTML
Beginning to advanced HTML tags are discussed as well as JavaScript and SSI.
Provides InformationSource

JavaScript Pagebuilder
Creates almost all HTML tags and can create detailed cascading style sheets.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — L

Site demonstrating the possibilities of DHTML. Includes the chart where DHTML and Javascript resources are ranked based on visitor's votes.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — M

McJeff's Welcome to HTML 101
Broken into 8 separate classes, this free HTML course not only instructs but also provides a variety of graphics and other material to use in projects.
Provides InformationSource

Media Queries Are not the Answer: Element Query Polyfill
Responsive Web design has transformed how websites are designed and built. It has inspired us to think beyond device classifications and to use media queries to adapt a layout to the browser's viewport size. This, however, deviates from the hierarchical structure of CSS and characterizes elements relative to the viewport, instead of to their container.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — N

Need Scripts
One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews and articles.
Provides a ServiceSource

Notepad's Web Design — a Good Place to Start Learning HTML
Basic tags, colour codes, email url, fonts, tables, frames, forms, scripts, and some article on general web design.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — P
HTML tutorials for the rest of us.
Provides InformationSource

Platform for Internet Content Selection
A system for using invisible tags to mark Web sites. Hosted by the W3 consortium, PICS is working to establish a standard for "associating metadata with Internet content." Employers might want to take a look at this exciting new management tool.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — P

Penpot's Flex Layout: Building CSS Layouts In A Design Tool
As modern web layouts are typically built with CSS, it's surprising how little control designers used to have over this process. Penpot is revolutionizing this with Flex Layout, enabling designers to craft layouts visually using CSS Flexbox and seamlessly convert them into code.
June 23, 2023Source

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — R

Ron's DTP/HTML Tutorials
Tutorials on HTML and DTP.
Provides InformationSource

Ron's HTML Code Lab
Features lessons on how to use the basic tags as well as some advanced usage, such as frames and image maps.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — S

Setting Weights and Styles with the @font-face Declaration
If people are on your website, they're probably either skimming quickly, looking for something, or they've found what they're looking for and want to read it as easily as possible. Either way, keeping text readable will help them achieve their goal.
Provides InformationSource

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
Spice up your Web pages with Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi's hot tips.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — T

technical solution for you
Provides InformationSource

Ted's Comprehensive HTML Tutorial
Short lessons on each HTML tag. Tables and forms are also discussed.
Provides InformationSource

The HTML5 test — how well does your browser support HTML5?
Provides InformationSource

Tips, Tricks, how to, and Beyond
Simply put, this site was designed to help budding programmers create a better Web page.
Provides InformationSource

Tizag HTML Tutorial
Detailed HTML lessons.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — U

Using HTML Threading in Email
Abstracts on HTML threading in email.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — W

W3C's HTML Home Page
This official resource hosted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) points to specifications for HTML 4.0, authoring guidelines, the W3C HTML Validation Service, useful discussion forums and related items.
Provides InformationSource

W3Schools HTML 4.01 Tag Reference
Complete HTML 4.01 tag and attribute reference with examples.
Provides InformationSource

W3Schools HTML Tutorial
Features short lessons and quizzes covering HTML as well as other markup languages. the latest standards are discussed, also.
Provides InformationSource

W3Schools Web Tutorials
Features short lessons and quizzes covering HTML as well as other markup languages.
Provides InformationSource

Web Design Group: An Overview of HTML tags.
An alphabetical list of HTML tags in the Wilbur specification.
Provides InformationSource

Web Development Tutorials
Covers lessons on tables and frames. Included are some copy and paste JavaScript codes and some resource HTML links.
Provides InformationSource

Web Page Mistakes
Reviews common website mistakes and design problems with solutions.
Provides InformationSource

Web Style Guide
This site contains a guide to Web-site building, including info on design, site organization and an HTML tag primer.
Provides InformationSource

Web Style Sheets
The W3C Style Page.
Provides InformationSource
News and Resources for Web developers.
Provides InformationSource
Developer's Guide to the Web & Webmastery.
Provides InformationSource

CSS, HTML, DHTML and KHTML Programming — X
All About XML and how to Use It.
Provides InformationSource

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